Blackpool at Home – Back to Basics

All about getting back to basics tonight both on and off the pitch…..

On the pitch…..let’s start to build a bit of positive momentum for the impending playoffs, we aren’t playing well, but realistically, did anyone ever really fancy going into the play offs confident or expectant? Lots has been made of the fact that Johnsons teams go on runs, (good and bad), I’m not having that as a factor, not for one minute….. yes he’s in charge, but it would be naive to say the gaffer has that much influence – let’s win tonight and start the positive momentum, it’s not really a tactical, managerial masterclass to identify that we need to just stop giving stupid fucking goals away! We have been poor lately, but that’s no reason to be poor the next month or so, who knows who we will get in the playoffs? It’s a shame we can’t play against ourselves?

Off the pitch…. fucking nightmare, whilst trying to sort the house phone I’ve ended up with no WiFi, thankfully EE are able to fast track the situation and switch it back on in 14 days time! I’m not tech savvy and am writing this using a hotspot! I only ever heard of the term hotspot as something to avoid on Strike it Lucky?

“Hotspot Hotspurs 1 vs Stuart Lubbock Cottagers 0, (Rodgerson, 77)” ….. “hotspot my arse Mike….”

So….. back to basics tonight….. going to focus my internet connection on, (hopefully), watching the match. No digital match report as such, but……

”and in this drawer………..
……… well who would have thought it?”

Yep….. no match report as such tonight, going old school and doing it on paper

Absolute nightmare trying to watch online with a piss poor connection, although to be fair from what I’ve seen of the first 70 minutes, I’d have probably left at half time? So whilst wifi issues not ideal, at least I’ve not have to put my shoes on and embark on a 190 mile round trip?

Pen 1 vs Sword 0, (Bic 11)

all pretty straight forward
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On Saturday, it’s May…. the month when we will get to go and see the Red & White Wizards of Wonderland…. live in real life…… yes Heathcliff, yes Cathia, yes Kate Bush…. let’s fucking do this playoff malarkey and smash our way into division 2🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️💥

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