Day 1/46, 1-2 not great

Stupid kick off times

5pm on a Sunday is lunacy, (worse for the away fans to be fair), we all have our match day routines, adding 2 hours on shouldn’t be too confusing, but it is. Landed in Sunderland at 1pm, which seemed sensible, until it was pointed out that it was the equivalent of 11am for a 3pm kick off.

Expectation vs Reality

Absolute sickener at Luton in May, but last season was wonderful. The league is stronger this year, we did wonderfully well to finish 6th, the idea that we are one of the best 6 teams this year is not one I subscribe to, I’d have us as 10-12th, although a few wins at the right time and that becomes 6th I guess, so I’m positive,(ish).

Strikers > Goals

I’m onboard with the process, but 20 goal strikers are like rocking horse shite, whilst Ross Stewart is injured, he is a guaranteed 20 goal man. Lots is being made of the wage structure, but if we sell Stewart we won’t be in the market with the received funds/available wages, we need to keep him 100%. I’ve not, (to date), run a football club, but Shirley any business needs to value is primary asset, just keep him, if any other players are that arsed they can come and present their case when they can offer a return of 20 goals plus per season?

£8 million my skinny arse Coventry – crack on

The actual game

We were very good for 20 minutes, if we did take the lead the afternoon probably pans out differently? We have some real quality, I’ve no doubt we’ll win some away games by 3 or 4 goals, I’ve not, (to date), been a professional sportsman, but at this level it’s more a case of how good your bad is, rather than how good your good is? Last year Sheff Utd and Luton weren’t brilliant, but they were consistently ok, we’ve got a return of 7 wins from 24 home games, when we’re good we are really good, but it isn’t often enough?

At the time I’d thought Clarke wasn’t fouled, (go down!), but it probably was a penalty? I won my bet for Trai Hume to get a yellow, (buying money), ultimately we bossed the game, but a newly promoted team had 4/5 attacking options – we had considerably less?

One Sleep

We go again tomorrow, I’m expecting 11 changes, the sensible thing would be to not go? Don’t be daft, see you there….

“Fucking reserves vs Crewe, are you mad?”…..”fair fucks Rock, yes I am x”

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