SAFCBlog #1082 – Ipswich Preview

I’d forgotten Ipswich got relegated with us under Coleman, like most teams they beat us twice that season, the 5-2 away defeat, (albeit I left 55 minutes), was shambolic even by that seasons standards. We had the measure of them in Division 3 though, taking 14 points from 18, 2 of those games were of course behind closed doors, the last trip there is a fond memory as it was the day Football finally started to say Fair Fucks to COVID…..

“Fuck off baldy”

“Events that matter to them?”


The team were good in the 80s, there’s also loads of famous folk from the town….

Big Al

Waking up to Alan Brazil is in my top 2 things to do first thing on a morning, whilst he’s Scotch, he played at Ipswich and is now one of Suffolk’s own

“Laura certainly had her fill of Seaman on The Breakfast Show?”

Are Ipswich any good?

They were unstoppable in the 2nd half of last season, they seem to have a load of cash, I can’t be arsed to check but I think Nathan Broadhead plays for them, they will sell their full allocation. We tend to draw 1-1 on the opening day, but SAFCBlog Predicts SAFC 3 vs ITFC 0

Great team, great manager, great kit…. Wark, the Dutch lads, Butcher, Osman, Brazil, Mills, Cooper, Burly, Beattie, Gates … what a team

I used to absolutely love Paul Mariner

6 sleeps – that’s all

Last friendly tomorrow at Hartlepool, I’m off but can’t be arsed to preview / review, then all roads lead to Sunday teatime. Rather than moan about digital ticketing, just get there by 2.20pm, can’t wait x see you there xx

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Really sad about Sinead last week x

7 thoughts on “SAFCBlog #1082 – Ipswich Preview

  1. Wedding anniversary Sunday so I’ll take her out for a meal at night so I can catch the match 👍

  2. I’m flying up for this one, first home match in over a year, can’t bloody wait ❤️🤍🍺

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