SAFCBlog #1081/1081 – Sup up your beer and collect your fags…..

Almost time for a new season, usual craic > 46 games, play each team twice etc, I’m hugely optimistic about the new campaign, the recruitment and model is strong, Rigg, Bennette, the others will just get better and better. I’m sure we’ll sign a striker next week, Ross Stewart is a good striker, but what will be will be with him.

Pre season

Made it to Gateshead > didn’t make it to America > off on Saturday > off to Hartlepool. We then start the season proper, the remit of SAFCBlog has been to preview and review each game, I’m going to give it a miss this season – might even finish writing the book.


5 seasons of this shite, I’m genuinely honoured and flattered that anyone takes the time to read, I’ve met some lovely, great people through writing this shite. I’ll be at the matches, so may see you there.

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2 thoughts on “SAFCBlog #1081/1081 – Sup up your beer and collect your fags…..

  1. Mate, i love reading the blog, it’s a great way to unwind for me, proper football craic.

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