SAFCBlog #1080 – Sport & Music Close Season SPZL

No football is shite, thankfully we’re only 3 weeks or so away from the return of the beautiful game, whilst SAFCBlog is predominately a football publication, unlike that shit Blackpool Blogger Matthew Jones, SAFCBlog has its finger firmly on the pulse of modern man lifestyle.

Proper fucking weekend

Close Season > No Problem

Friday – Walking football > win

Saturday – Gateshead 2 vs SAFC 3 > win

Sunday – cricket > win. Not Out you silly twats 🇦🇺🏏 had the very best of days yesterday, feel so, so lucky to have had yesterday ❤️🏏 booked it months ago and was giddy, it was better than giddy FYI🏏💥

Sport is great, music is just as great. All roads lead to Leeds on Saturday 💥🍺🛁

The best band to ever come out of York are Shed 7

The best band of the last generation to come out of York are Skylights

What else are you going to do on a Saturday night?”

SAFCBlog Statement

Like the BBC, SAFCBlog is a professional media outlet, whilst it’s free to read this shite, Shaun Blog feels it necessary to clear its name…

“Not been noncing, 100% > statement ends”

SAFCBlog – not getting any worse at least – FTM

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