Gateshead Away in review

We’re only a few days into pre season, so no real meaning to either of todays games, we tend to win whenever we visit Tyneside, we won another two games today.

It’s not really a football stadium, but I can’t see the advantage of half a roof vs a roof?
Decent turnout from Sunderland, (2500 ish?), and no doubt 2000 ish at South Shields?

Better to win than lose, I have enough trouble knowing who’s playing when we have 11 men, 40 odd players used today, Roberts and Huggins the pick of the crop.

Even Jay Matete can’t get booked in a pre season game?

What not Wear(side)

Fucking shambles, just wear a tracksuit?**

(** when club shop reopens)

Early night tonight as on Test Match duty tomorrow, good to have footie back

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2 thoughts on “Gateshead Away in review

  1. Spot on . I only saw 2nd half of Gateshead game and was quietly impressed with young lads , especially Bainbridge

    See you hopefully tomorrow

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