SAFCBlog #1079 – Pre Season new kit SPZL

New kit revealed today, I’m not sure about the away kit, (seems very similar to one that didn’t go down well a few years ago?)

Can’t remember us wearing this too often? Seem to remember the keeper wearing something similar in the 0-3 at Scunthorpe in some lower league tinpot cup game? I’m not really arsed what our away kit looks like, we’ve had some great ones over the years, this isn’t one of them. The bigger issue is the quality vs price issue, over £50 for shite generic teamwear isn’t exclusive to SAFC, but the quality over recent years is piss poor, Shirley 55 notes should qualify for more than a stick on badge?

That’ll be £54.99 please sir”

A few years ago we had a lovely blue kit, when we played at Palace we had to fudge together a 3rd kit, I’m assuming this is in hand and we have a plan for what to wear when we play Bristol City, Southampton etc?

The Home Kit

There’s a limit to how much red and white stripes can be varied, (although never forget how wrong we got it in the 2016/17 Championship season?), but this shirt is nice. Once again it doesn’t really affect my life, I have enough trouble knowing which player is which to worry about what they are wearing.

Pre season starts tomorrow

Double header tomorrow, South Shields at lunchtime and then onto Gateshead at teatime, (*depending on your mealtime routine). I’m sure lots will be doing both games, the squad list looks stronger for Shields. SAFCBlog is just doing Gateshead, I may or may not be arsed to write a picture heavy match review.

Not long now ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

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