Decent games revisited – Portsmouth play offs

Regular readers, (I know, I know), of this blog, will be aware I’ve been sceptical of Stewart Donald from day 1. Not the time to offer an opinion ~ but things don’t look good? Transparency is a nice idea…. but the Chairman drinking with and tweeting fans etc, is lovely when things are sailing on the calm? Always a danger it would end in tears? Hopefully he has a good weekend in Vegas? Real Cliche… “but it’s really hard to have it all ways?”, if you take the adulation, you have to accept their will be opinions expressed. These can either be a) taken on the chin or b) not what was said in a). Hopefully it’ll all work out great, and SAFCBlog doesn’t have an opinion either way. The media team at SAFCBlog received an email this morning from Mr J. Ross of Paisley suggesting…. “they gambled on promotion and lost, the jobs mostly fucked now I’d say?” As always, our wonderful game is ‘a game of opinions?’.

SAFCBlog media team continue to be busy with vital communications; mostly irrelevant shite ~ but regular contributor Colin Greenwood’s emailed so say he was off on holiday to Lesbos ~ suspect he’s not, but it’s a nice idea?

After a 1~0 win in front of a shite crowd, the away leg wasn’t a decent game ~ but it was a great night.

The game at Portsmouth in May was a desperate spectacle…. but, it was a tense evening and the delight at the final whistle was just amazing.

It’d been a long season, 1st one without dad; but myself and brother, (bearded fool enjoyed the season as a bit of a distraction / healing process ~ look forward to watching lots more turgid 1~1 draws all over the country next season).

Portsmouth a fucking long way and Thursday night a great time for a game? If I had a proper job, it would have needed 2, (two), days off work ~ anyway managed to free up 2 days and bearded fool arranged for someone to water his leeks, (yes really)… the Portsmouth road trip was go!

Portsmouth looked lovely for the a fantastic D~Day celebrations on TV. The bits we saw were shite!

In the penultimate article of this series ….

It’s words, pictures, videos


Shite game, but very tense. Deserved the draw. Fantastic atmosphere. Get quite pissed post match.


It’s absolutely fucking miles away
Nearer to France than Birmingham!!!!
Proper traditional ground. Those floodlights? Just lovely
Job done ⚽️

1.45am Portsmouth

“We’ll definitely beat Charlton at Wembley I’d say?”



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