EFL – Weak As Piss Wednesday’s

Theres lots in the media today about the EFL’s decision to not bother completing the season, this will be my last rant on the situation. It’s completely irrelevant whether we’d have gone up, whether we deserved to go up etc…. 

‘Not this year….’

Unprecedented Situation?

Undoubtedly so, once it went to vote it was never going to be fair and morally correct.

  • Rotherham are 2nd and wobbling a bit, there are 7 teams within 2 points of them, of course it suits them to end the season now?
  • Wycombe are 8th, they voted not to play, which means they rise to 3rd and are in the play offs. How the fuck can that be right?
  • Tranmere are on a roll, 3 wins in a row and 3 points behind Wimbledon with a game in hand – with Wimbledon still to visit Preston Park – the decision to relegate them is scandalous?
I wish we’d let Tranmere win…..
  • Everyone has a price, MK and Wimbledon now besties?

Never Going To Please Everyone?

Absolutely…….. and that’s why there were only two options, ideally finish the season, alternatively void the season. I totally understand the self preservation vote, I’m not sure that only 4 clubs voting to play on is very healthy? But that’s one for another day.

Who Wins The Playoffs?

Couldn’t give a shit. Portsmouth and Wycombe are fucking miles away so happy not to have to go to either of these next season? Quite like going to Oxford so don’t really want them to go up. Fleetwood probably are the most deserving given their achievements and how they run the club, embrace the community etc? But…… I can get there in 90 minutes and it’s near to Blackpool, so I’d rather they didn’t go up……..self interest you say? Yes 100% and that’s another example of why football can only be decided on a football pitch!

You Get What You Deserve?

Sunderland’s Jordan Henderson is going to win the league. Whilst I’m hopeful that Fulham can catch Leeds – whoever goes up will have deserved it – I can accept that 100%. I can’t accept that Tranmere are going down – that’s just wrong and unfair. 

Mersey Paradise

When the media are having their Liverpool Love in, spare a thought for those leagues where TV and money hasn’t dictated that sporting integrity has been adhered to, especially at the nicer end of the Mersey where Rovers have been royally shafted.

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