That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

“We are as weak as piss”….(statement ends)

No Surprises……

  • We are 2 points from automatic promotion
  • The moment it became a Vote the job was fucked… self preservation, turkeys and Christmas…. just weak EFL.
  • I actually couldn’t give a shit what division we are in, but sporting integrity has been discarded, there were 2 realistic options and we’ve ended up with option 3!
  • Wycombe have jumped from 8th to 3rd…. they voted not to play on…… does this mean they won’t play in the play offs?

A 96th minute goal and a shit show at Bristol was ultimately our downfall……

Losing at Bristol cost us?

Not Sour Grapes….

I think we’d have gone up, but that’s just the way I am. Given the last 3 months, I couldn’t care less what league we’re in…. I just fancy a day on the piss somewhere, (anywhere), with the SAFC Family.

I’m actually more annoyed about Tranmere being relegated than us not going up. We had years of great escapes, Tranmere have won their last 3 games, they are 3 points behind Wimbledon with a game in hand and the Dons still had to visit Tranmere – this had the makings of a story of what football is all about….. yet Wimbledon, (who refused to print MK Dons name in their programme), are now besties with MK in the interest of self preservation – just so fucking wrong.

I wish we’d let Tranmere beat us in January now, I really do….

EFL Official statement
Tranmere – been tucked up in a big way

Thanks EFL

Official EFL Statement
“Lost??” ….. you can get fucked SKYBET – I didn’t know there was a market for 83% of the season?”
SAFCBlog – Used to be better


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