Fakeover Sunday’s and Burton Tuesday’s…….

Burton visit the SOL on Tuesday, prior to that I thought I’d have a quick look at the takeover…..(*)

  • Ive said many times before the current custodians will take us the brink, right to the fucking brink, the bones of our arses brink…..?
  • They’ve not got any money, they never had any money, they took advantage of a spurned lover on the rebound and desperate to find love?
  • They’ve said they don’t want to be here, no one wants them here?
  • They’ve consistently shown a disregard for the wellbeing of the club and a disrespect towards the fans? 
  • The Jewell in our crown of the Academy, has been used as a cash machine?
  • We still don’t know the numbers? But if the Titanic thought it hit a sizeable piece of frozen floating water……it was merely the proverbial tip of the iceberg compared to what we are facing?
  • There was a deal on the table from one of the worlds richest men, but it went cold?
  • They gambled on promotion and when you gamble, sometimes you lose?
  • In year 3 now and a deal is imminent……. 3 fucking years and we have the local press being fed and reporting the same old shite and the contenders are…..a pal of theirs who paid £1 for a sizeable holding in the club, his rich mate and a cartoon crank who sells shit pop, doesn’t believe in COVID, has a shit beard and tweets absolute fucking nonsense?
  • Absolute fucking lunacy that anyone pays any credence to anything our owners say?

(* As a point of clarity; I’ve used question marks along side the above points. The reason for this is, these are by no means my opinions, they are points I’ve heard raised by a broad and varied section of our fanbase in person and on various media platforms. It’s a game of opinions, and for the record I don’t have an opinion that I’d like to express on the current or future ownership of SAFC)

“When the fun stops STOP……Never gamble more than you can afford to LOSE”
“Oh shit……..”

Up Next…… just 2 sleeps

We’ve lost 2 of 13 games, they’ve won 2 of 14 games. Stats are always a bit of a lottery, never more so than this season as L1 is crackers. Burton hadn’t won in 12 games til they put 4 past form team Charlton last week and ruined my acca! No one hounds out managers as well as we do….. if we beat Burton then a dire Wigan on Saturday, we will be sitting pretty – Twitter will be in meltdown!

It looks like a tough season ahead for Burton, they lost their best striker Liam Boyce to Hearts, apparently we were keen to sign him – but Burton Albion’s desire for a transfer fee meant it was never going to happen. As if things weren’t bad enough for Burton, news this week that the whole Arcadia Group is  on the verge of collapse.

Just as Darren Ferguson always seems to be the Peterborough manager, I’d assumed Nigel Clough was Burton manager, although given he was in charge of Mansfield when we met a few weeks ago, he’s obviously not! Turns out it’s Jake Buxton who stepped up from Club Captain to take the reigns when Clough stepped down.

Burton is a great away day, loads of decent pubs…..

Burton – Beer Central

I’ve been to us at Burton a couple of times, a win and a loss – although both games were pre SAFCBlog. Last year Boris wouldn’t let us go, so the SAFCBlog Super Computer  predicted a 1-1 draw……

Computers – Very Clever

We’ve not beaten then in any of their 3 visits to the SOL, in fact they’ve been the source of much misery……


2017/18……. a defeat sends us down to the 3rd Tier….
“Don’t worry – we’ll piss League 1….”


2018/19……..“Tale of a season…… just 1 of 19 draws……”


2019/20…… lost 2-1…..Hapless at best

#4…… beat these surely? SAFCBlog predicts…..

Black Cats 2 vs Brewers 0, (Wyke, Flanagan)

SAFCBlog – Mundane Moribund Media – FTM

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