High Noon Division 3 Dead Rubber Klub…

Noon on Sunday is a shit time for a football match? Historically the day and timing issues have been offset by …. we are playing the Mags, (a win and pubs open at 8am)…. we are on TV as we are in the Premiership, think Cardiff 4-0….. tomorrow we play at noon because we are in a shite league and it doesn’t get in the way with proper football.

”ideally Birds Eye, if not Ambrosia….. but don’t be buying no shit supermarket custard”

Noon a terrible time for a football match, tee time has been adjusted accordingly and there’s also the comfort of the game being completely irrelevant,(if there is such a thing?).

Todays game doesn’t really matter, obviously it would be good to secure a win to head into the playoffs, given Northampton are crap, we will win fairly easily, 6-1 is my prediction

Squad Rotation…..

Ideally I’d rest any of the back 4 who have been any good…. unchanged at the back then? Playing football is not a proper job, the idea of someone needing 90 minutes off on the basis of having to do another 90 minutes in 10-14 days time is not something I can buy into. I’d be tempted to rest Burge, as if he gets sent off or a whack on the head, we will be completely fucked? Loads of stuff on SKY about players playing games through Ramadan, (like a Muslim Christmas), whist I never progressed from the York John Smiths Sunday Morning League….I often played on an empty stomach with no sleep or food, in 1998 in a cup game vs Acomb WMC, a teammate literally shat himself because he’d not eaten for 2 days and was off his tits on acid – and still SKY are telling me Kante is a hero for missing his tea? Ramadan of opinions I guess?

We will win today, 100%, and then attention turns to the playoffs….. the prospect of being in the stadium with my Matchday pals excites me greatly, I feel for the club deciding who the 10’000 are, but they’ve had 6-8 months to think about how to best sort it, so I’d be hugely disappointed if they make an arse of it?

Exciting times at SAFCBlog…… over the previous 2 years the SAFCBlog Photo of the year, has attracted a total of 1 vote, loads of people reading this site now though and a deal has been done with terrace-wear company www.fritidsklader.co.uk to provide a non shit prize – thanks to the guys at Fritidsklader this kind gesture⚽️ 🇸🇪👍

SAFCBlog Photo of the Year….

As if the playoffs weren’t excitement enough…… voting starts soon for SAFCBlog Photo of the Year

2013, Mags at home
2014, M62 away
2014, Albuferia
2015, Swansea away
2016, Watford away
2017, pre season training
2018, Scarborough Cricket Festival
2019….Estadio de Municipal, Albuferia
2020. Oxford away
2020, Tranmere away
2021?……… voting / nominations later this week

Today’s Team….

Smash these Division 4 jobbers today 6-1

Routine is good, this season has been a challenge to those of us who enjoy Matchday routine, a noon kick off on a Sunday is a further challenge to any such routines…..

Noon Kickoffs….. too late for breakfast too early for lunch

GAME ON….. 3pm….. Let’s Smash these lower league jobbers

Surely we’ll win today? If we do we will be 3rd or 4th, I’m not arsed who we play in the playoffs, but it will be advantageous to have the 2nd leg at home.

Half time….. 0-0, rubbish game. I understand that last day games can be fairly tepid when nothing is at stake, but there’s plenty at stake…. morale, momentum, home advantage, fear factor for opponents, competition for places…. absolutely loads at stake. Elsewhere it’s like the last day at school ….. 4 goals at Doncaster, 4 goals at Crewe, 3 goals at Ipswich….. it may seem like this game doesn’t matter, sadly for me that’s indicative of the malaise that runs deep through the club? Lets hope they are getting a bollocking in the dressing room, let’s hope they show a bit of heart and bravery in the 2nd half. We’ve got 45 minutes to head into the playoffs in the right frame of mind, we’ve been weak as weak piss once again, it’s nowhere near good enough, – oh and for fucks sake, bring Maguire on ASAP..

Half time report…..shit

2nd half….. let’s see, we should be flying out of the traps 2nd half. It’s wrong to say we won’t go up as there’s obviously a chance, sadly I’ve seen nothing the last 6 weeks to suggest it’s likely to happen.

Take Luke off, can’t afford him to get a suspension?

60 minutes…..Jones fouled in the box, ref doesn’t bother giving a penalty though

84 minutes….. 0-1, absolutely fucking rubbish, any idea that this is a nothing game, is nonsense and sums up the apathetic nature of the club.

87 minutes….. 1-1, Winchester bundles home

Full time….. 1-1 we knew we were playoff bound, we didn’t know who we were going to play, we now know that we will play Lincoln and we will be at home in the 2nd leg. I’d rather play them than Oxford or Blackpool and obviously being at home in the 2nd leg is preferable. Playoffs…… we go again…, onwards and fucking upwards⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️

17 draws……..
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Good times for a change??

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