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Normality is on the horizon, whilst breakfast beers is not a great life choice, it’s the normal for lots of us and I can’t wait to be headed to various shitholes to watch the Red n White Wizards of Wonderland. Whilst I’m hoping we won’t be in Division 3 next season, my current opinion is that we probably will be, no games in our division til tomorrow, but the Div 3 picture for next season will be partially established today…..

Cheltenham are already promoted, that’s great as it’s a nice place for a slurp, I’ve been there to see York a few times, but not SAFC, so it’s a new experience as such. The remaining automatic slots are 2 from Cambridge, Morecambe and Bolton; hopefully the first two of these….

  • Cambridge is a good day out and easy to get to
  • Morecambe is not far and would be good day out, we played there the other year in the Tinpot Trophy, but I just drove to the game and straight back, so it would be nice to have a day out at the seaside
  • Bolton is close, but it’s a shit soulless ground nearer Wigan than Bolton, with 1 shit pub nearby – I have absolutely no interest in playing them.

The Playoff picture looks pretty healthy, Tranmere didn’t deserve to go down and it’s a decent trip, Newport would be decent, again I have been but not see Sunderland and it’s also right next to Celtic Manor which is handy 🏌️‍♂️. Forest Green Rovers would be good, just because of how shit it sounds, although the idea of the whole club being Vegan is not really my bag?

yeah man, it’s like so cool man…..”I can definitely see the benefits of preserving the planet, not the extent of Veganism and complaining about motorways, I like his jacket I have one very similar, you don’t see Morrissey at the butchers, should a crusty vegan type be wearing a jacket by a company who actively farm Coyotes to skin and remove their fur to use as decor for their jackets – possibly not?

…….Down, Down, Down

Whilst we will still have to wait for the playoffs to know who is coming up, we will know by 3pm who is coming down….

Wycombe are already down, whilst that pleases me because they didn’t deserve to go up and they are a bag of shite, much is made of their great young gaffer etc, but I struggle to get past their definite intention to inflict injury on players, notably Watmore who was just back from Cruciate injury. So I’m happy they got relegated, the downside is it’s a shit day out in a shit town….

“If you can keep your head, whilst all around are losing theirs…..” Jack Ross was that fucking mad that he almost took his hand out of his soft knit, microfibre, cool wash Merino Cardigan

The added bonus of Wycombe coming down is they will be shite and not challenge, the rest of the relegation issue is much more exciting. Derby and Sheff Weds are both big clubs who would be strong next year,I prefer Sheffield over Derby for a day out and it’s always a shame for the fans when a team goes down due to a points deduction, I also really like Darren Moore, certainly more so than Rooney. A draw in that game and a Rotherham win would be the worst case scenario, as Division 3 with The Owls and The Rams would be a very strong league?

Hillsborough – proper ground
Last time at Derby…. the last time we scored 4 goals away?, (I think)
Rotherham – the EFL wouldn’t let us go last season

Pretty exciting as it stands, 10 minutes or so to go, in the last 60 seconds Derby have scored an equaliser and Rotherham have conceded an equaliser, it’s watching this type of scenario that makes it such a shame that there are no fans there to watch the action unfold….

8 minutes of a 46 game season remains….. and you just know something is probably still going to happen that changes things?

Rotherham are down, they had plenty of chances to win at Cardiff, but didn’t. It’s 3-3 at Derby, a Wednesday goal and they stay up…. Wednesday down, let’s just hope they are the biggest club in Division 3 next season and not the 2nd biggest…..

Obviously I hope that the Division 3 line up is of no significance to us next season, but what else is there to write about on a rainy day? Let’s just get promoted eh…..

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