Just Another Morbid Monday…..

Teaching an old blog new tricks…..

Not a fucking chance. Exciting times at SAFCBlog, ordinarily a Saturday match preview would be Thursday – owing to a socially distanced holiday this week, the preview has been brought forward to Monday…..what a time to be alive?

It may only be Monday – but excitement is at fever pitch in anticipation of Saturdays game…..

Oxford United FC……

When we won there in February, I genuinely thought we’d go up. To be fair, had the likes of Wycombe voted to play, we would have got promoted?

A tinpot, hollow victory

Having lost out at Wembley, you’d have to think Oxford will be challenging again this season? Since our fall to division 3, we’ve had four 1-1 draws and a 1-0, so a thriller probably not on the cards?

It’s a pretty shite away day, but I’d love to be going….

If only…….
Oh to drive 400 miles in a day….. have a shit, flat overpriced pint in a plastic glass……better to have loved and lost, than never loved? But SAFCBlog is ready to love again ⚽️

SAFCBlog Prediction….. Oxford United 0 vs SAFC 1, (Graham, 66)

Their gaffer is a bit annoying, but I’m sure they love him. A bit like Barton at Fleetwood, he always backs his players to the hilt – there’s no doubt he’s doing a decent job. I don’t really know anything about their team and can’t be arsed to research.

In February, our last trip to the Manor Ground….it was a day of rain, of biblical, (but actually happened), proportions
Oxford United FC
Upside down, their badge looks like an angry crab

Like us Oxford had a disappointing result on day 1, whilst I’m sure BBC Radio Newcastle will bill the game as a must win by 3 goals game, it’ll be tough? Tin hat time etc….. but a draw wouldn’t be the end of the, (real), world?

Is Oxford any good?

Like Sunderland, Oxford is famous for its Polytechnic 

Thornhill Park, SR3
King’s College, Oxford

There’s absolutely shit loads of famous types from Oxford…..

David Pleat tribute act – Hugh Grant
  • Tennis failure Tom Henman
  • SAFCBlog superfan Colin Greenwood
Britpop warblers Keane
There will only be one Keane?
  • Super shagger Richard Burton
Burton Albion 0 vs Bristols City 3, (Roe, Willoughly, Brook)
  • Sophie Countess of Wessex
Classy…. got kids with titles of Viscount & Lady, whilst there’s no chance of seeing her on Netflix half naked….. she has absolutely no worries about getting in a Mercedes?
Stephen Hawking

WIN 1-0 and it’s a decent start?

SAFCBlog- Bang Average

Don’t like Monday’s? Blue Monday? Nah…… All Monday’s aren’t we?

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