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Storey Days?
Makeover Monday’s 0 vs Takeover Tuesdays 0

We could really do with a change of ownership……

We are due a decent break?
  • Even when our owners were enthusiastic, they weren’t up to task? Now they have lost their mojo, a change of ownership can’t come quick enough?
  • This fella with the beard? FFS….. if the Mags had the intelligence, I’d attribute it as a wind up from them? 
But……Parody, ego trip, fantasist?? Surely?
  • 11 months ago, one of the richest men in the world sent some of his boys to Wearside to watch SAFC play Wimbledon…. shortly after he did the paperwork at Companies House and deposited circa £12 million…. 
  • Donald’s valuation and desire to remain involved seemed to be why the deal fell through?
  • Surely these boys are our prospective buyers?
Del Computers ✅⚽️
Whatever happens, can it just be ok for once, please?

Lockdown Lovelessness……

I love watching SAFC, there’s every chance anyone reading this shares that view? Not being able to go to the match is tough…. not knowing if it’ll ever be the same again; is tough…….. the toughest thing of all is the 1%, (ish), of me that worries the time will come when I don’t miss it?

Could that really happen? Don’t be so fucking silly……


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