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Macclesfield Town FC….

Like Bury….. they are no more, desperately sad.

Been to Macclesfield loads of times to watch York, I’ve not got time to research…. but I’m pretty sure SAFC have never played against Macclesfield?

Its an absolute tragedy to see football clubs going bust….. obviously any business has a bottom line? I’d guess Moss Rose has huge on costs and zero income aside from a modest amount circa 30 times per year? But football is different? …… Well, it feels different? Sadly, Macclesfield will not be the last?

It saddens me hugely to see any club go to the wall, I don’t know any Macc fans….. but there will 100% be people out there with Macc tattoos, Macc memories, Kids named after players etc etc.

Daily Mirror Doggers 1 vs Moralistic Mariners 0, (piers Morgan, 31)

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No arguments, but just as…. PL footballers shouldn’t be forced to donate wages to the NHS,? Buying champagne at £10’000 a pop as a multi millionaire isn’t relevant to those on minimum wage? Gareth Bales weekly wage being enough to save a club? It’s all very idealistic….. but should it up to M &S to bail out the corner shop?

TREAT THE CAUSE NOT THE EFFECT……it’s horrible that Macc are no more, let’s look at Financial FairPlay, Fit and Proper Ownership, Clubs integrating with the community etc …… sadly, saying the right thing when a club has been wound up = the horse has fucking bolted?


OK performance against Bristol, but a disappointing result. We actually have 2 really tough games now, (Oxford and Peterborough will both be top 8 I’d say?). Whilst it would be lovely to win the league with 105 points…. it ain’t happening, if we get 4 points from these 2 games I will be delighted!

Keeping a cool head…….

Our fans are fucking mint……. that said the desire and willingness for change does often concern me? The last 4 League 1 campaigns have been won at a canter by Coventry, Luton, Wigan and Sheffield United. Just to try and keep a bit of perspective, they started their campaigns like this…. (4 teams X 4 games = 16 results), W6, L6, D4

Let’s just stay calm…..

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