LJ….. Stick or Twist?

It’s the November International Break, Division 3 is shite, it’s our 4th year of this…… the previous 3 years have seen us languishing about 5th and out of form…. This year, it’s, (not), different . We are a big club, at this level we are a fucking massive club? Since Peter Reid packed his bags in February 2002 after 7 years in charge, we’ve had 24 managers, a couple of Caretakers… but 24?, (twenty four). Being a football player or manager is a hugely privileged position, but it’s real life, the vitriolic pursuit of managers is akin to booing players for me, never ever forget, this is real life – I chat regularly to a fairly high profile gaffer whilst out walking my dogs, and don’t ever, ever believe that anyone involved in the professional game doesn’t care?


I’m loathe to refer to our previous custodians as owners, because the feckless, gobshite arseholes didn’t actually pay any of their own money for the ownership of the club? KLD is a class act, surrounded by the right people, I like the fact we don’t know what’s going to happen with LJ? I’d much rather the main men at a multi million pound business, kept there karma dry and consulted with the appropriate people, rather than embarking on a selfie wankfest with fans?

9 goals conceded vs 2 average clubs recently…..
KLD…….. stick or twist?

The Remit…..

I’ve never really fancied LJ, but I write a shite, (*), blog, sell t shirts and used to do some other stuff…. So what the fuck do I know? But….. the remit of any SAFC gaffer in this division is promotion, it’s genuinely that simple? Given the financial clout we now have, I felt that LJ was extremely fortunate to stay in situe after Lincoln beat us in the play-offs… even the most fervent backer of LJ would concede the remit this season is automatic promotion?
We didn’t Lee, the expectation is promotion – simples, yes it’s a tough gig….. but that’s the remit, plenty of jobs at lower league fodder like Gillingham, Shrewsbury etc if you are more comfortable with the expectation being low?

Massive Club….. Big Job…..

Huge……but someone will eventually get it right?
From the Banks of the River Wear…… eventually, it will happen?….. eventually ⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️…..eventually…..

It’ll shine bright eventually….. just got to Keep The Faith?
“lately I just judge the distance, not the words I hear….”

Surely it won’t always be this fucking shite???

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