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Back To The Future……

DeLorean due an MOT? Fuck knows what’s happened to Marty McFly? At least Doc Brown not aged a day……?

The last 3 Saturday’s we’ve, lost at home to a shite team, got hammered away off a better team & lost at home to a really shite team… such worries this Saturday 👍⚽️ I love watching England, but at 4-0 after 30 minutes, it’s not a great spectacle….. realistically we are never going to play in International Break, due to having the best squad in this division by a country mile?

Birds in Hand 1 vs Birds in Bush 0, (K, Bush, 13, OG)

No Game Saturday…..

I miss it, I really do, I might go and watch York at Curzon Ashton tomorrow, going to see how the AM goes, (that moss isn’t going to die a natural death?). I rarely see that Jeff Stelling programme, (it always seems to clash with the match?), so might watch that….. Jeff hanging up his boots in May, lots of speculation as to his replacement…. For me Ally McCoist is the best fit, but I guess there’s all manner of diversity boxes that need filling?

Footie = 💜…… I’m a huge believer in good people doing good things, kneeling down is not the answer, (*BLM of Opinions*)

It’s been a bit since we didn’t lose on a Saturday, so got to take the positives and move on?

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