Matchday 16 – The Missing Lincs……..

I never bought into our owners, plenty did – it’s probably being an old cynical bastard, more than being wise, that led me in that direction? We are constantly lied to, leaks a plenty to the press etc 

Donald can’t afford to own the club and he can’t afford to sell the club. He can afford to sell a Championship Club, but we’re not a Championship Club….. we nearly were, he nearly won his punt, but he didn’t, he lost… we all lost! He said he’d go when he wasn’t wanted, he can’t go…. and why would he? Bali Mumba✅, Bail out money incoming✅, Big Holes take a lot of filling? I want us to go up….. needing us to go up is not a position I’d like to be in. The release of stuff in the press yesterday is timely with another transfer window looming in a few weeks? Lee Johnson seems a decent bloke, Parkinson was a decent bloke as was Jack Ross. Any thoughts that Lee wouldn’t have come to a club in turmoil are just nonsense – there’s more managers than there are managerial jobs, unless you are in a very select bunch you ain’t getting a big job. Every candidate ever mentioned, (apart from Gus), will 100% jump at the chance to manage us – I wish Lee the very best of fortunes, but it’s a fucking massive job!

Rather than repeat myself….. here’s my thoughts from a few weeks ago regarding the imminent takeover….

Saturday- The day we play the game

Big Game…. Tough Game

Pre Teamsheet Teamsheet thoughts……

Tough one to call, plenty of changes last week – but we were dreadful. Plenty of managers stick to their guns as regards a system. I’d imagine it’ll be a back 4 again? He seems to fancy Grigg, and Will is probably more suited to Lee’s style than Wyke is. But….. Wyke is our top, (only), scorer this season, he’s one of few players that can hold his head high this season. Whereas Grigg played well at Bristol Rovers in March 2019 and was ok for 45 minutes on Tuesday.

In short I’ve got no idea what the team selection will be, best guess is as follows….

Obviously I’ve not bothered checking the injury updates and don’t watch the Thursday Presser as it’s the same every week, nowt worse than unimaginative, repetitive content? I’m assuming Willis isn’t fit, whilst Flanagan hasn’t done owt wrong, we just look at our best when Willis and Wright are the central pairing, especially as Bailey has had a few ricks lately, the pace of, (a fit), Willis, would be my preferred option. I’d like to see Jack Diamond start, if we had a easy home game like last week, (?), he probably would, but this is a tough away game, so I think we’ll see a packed, industrious midfield of Scowen, Leadbitter, Dobson & Power. Maguire and McGeady are skilful as we know, but we surely can’t play both on a day when workrate, will be more important than waving ones arms about?


McLaughlin, Flanagan, Wright, McFadzean

     Scowen, Leadbitter, Power, Dobson,



Actual Teamsheet Teamsheet thoughts……

Not for the first time, I’m miles off – but I write a shite blog rather than manage a football team – certainly quite a positive lineup

3pm…. GAME ON….. 

Lee gone with Club Issue Nike Puffa Coat again! The afternoon can only improve?

It’s not exactly a colour clash, but we need a 3rd kit, (yellow, sky blue white etc), it was the same at Charlton.

10 minutes…… positive start, but they’ve missed a one on one. Burge did well to close the angle and Flanagan did amazingly well to not get booked for wiping their player out in the build up. A perfect example of, if there’d have been a crowd, the ref would have booked him.

12 minutes……another SAFC attack ends with them having another one on one. Burge does great again, their striker looks a bit Will Grigg?

14 minutes…… great run from Diamond, definite penalty, Grant slots it home.

Cool as you like Grant….. GET IN THERE !!!


3-0…… OH MY DAYS…..Great run from McGeady, I was worried he wouldn’t be fit, to be fair he showed a great turn of pace and played a great ball to Diamond, who switched it to his weaker foot and top binned it! A really great goal

HALF TIME….. 3-0 up, tremendous. Just need a controlled 15-20 minutes and we’ll get more late on. Obviously when you go in 3-0 at half time most players have played well. Special mention for Lee Burge, he came in for Big Jon, he had the worst possible start vs Bristol Rovers, he’s done really well since, having a good keeper makes L1 life a lot easier. McFadzean is playing because Denver is injured, Denver has plateaued a bit this season, McFadzean has been brilliant today.

It’s  never game over at half time, but there are chances a plenty in this game. It also looks like a game where we may see a red card – we just need to be professional 2nd half.

It’s getting dark, I really wish we had a spare kit in a different colour.

2nd HALF…….

60 minutes……. perfect, lots of possession, taken the sting out of them. I’ve been critical of Max Power of late, he’s put a very good shift in today.

71 minutes…….. great pass to Maguire, (from Flanagan I think?), great ball to Wyke, great finish from Charlie, another great team goal.  At 3pm Lincoln had the meanest defence in L1, conceding just 10 goals…… I’m absolutely delighted for Charlie, a proper pro. 4-0⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

FULL TIME…… A very, very good day at the office. Well done Lads. Lincoln are a good side, we have absolutely hammered them….

Fantastic result today, this is our club – it always will be. My only regret is not being able to be there today, especially given how bad it was last season down there? Onwards and upwards. Might even get back to writing a bit of SAFCBlog Poetry next week? 

Still awaiting confirmation to hear if Lincoln came 2nd today?

Team United 1 vs Regime Wrong uns 0, (Wyke, 16)

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How does it feel, how does it feel?

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