Next Stop Sincil Bank….. Lincoln City vs SAFC in preview

Next up for the mighty SAFC is a trip to Lincoln. It was pretty desperate down there last year, we were dreadful and the game effectively signalled the end for Jack Ross. It was just a bad day at the office, we lost 2-0, it could have been worse, they missed a penalty and we didn’t really offer anything.

Familiar story…… another sell out at a tin pot ground and another gutless shower of shite…..

As bad as we were down there, we were good at the SOL winning easily.

Danny Cowley was mentioned lots in our search for a manager, he did a remarkable job at Lincoln. Micheal Appleton is now at the helm and has continued the good work. Appleton is a top bloke, early test for Lee, but surely he won’t pitch up in the Nike Club Issue Puffa Coat, for a league fixture? It’s obviously early days for the management team, we will have to win some of these tough away games at some stage this season, but a draw wouldn’t be a bad result on Saturday? 

Are they any good?

It would seem so…..They’ve conceded less goals than anyone in this division. Like ourselves they progressed in the Pizza Cup last night, given there’s only 8 teams left in the Northern Section, there’s every chance we could be facing them again when the ballbag is emptied tomorrow morning.

They current sit 2nd with 32 points from 15 games, assuming the EFL don’t spinelessly wrap up the season in March again, that’s Championship form. 

This is even more impressive than it looks, Grant is a Midfielder and Montsma is a defender!

It’s no surprise that Club Captain Grant is attracting plenty of interest? It’s widely rumoured that Norwich are keen on him, I don’t know the infrastructure of LCFC, but I’d assume they won’t use our model of when Norwich wanted to sign Bali Mumba from us? Hopefully for Lincoln they aren’t owned by dishonest, spineless people, who have no real interest in the well-being of the club and can’t be trusted?

“Listen to me love, you’re Northern, you’re a woman….. I really don’t think your opinion matters sweetheart…. comprendi love? How’s about we leave the decision making to educated, Southern chaps, now run along eh darling”

SAFCBlog Predicts……. the league is wide open this year, Lincoln faded last season, they look better equipped this time. There are lots of poor teams in L1, Lincoln are one of the better teams, take a point and move on….. RED IMPS 1 vs BLACK CATS 1, (Wyke)

Lincoln …… Things not to do

Lincoln is a decent place for a session, sadly we’re not allowed to go. Loads of famous folk from Lincoln and interesting stuff. SAFCBlog exists primarily to provide cutting edge football media, but a bit of educational stuff doesn’t go a miss….

Famous Places……

Lincoln is home to a massive Cathedral……

Obviously lots of old stuff inside, but it’s famous for its Gargoyles….

Not pretty

Famous Faces…….

SAFCBLog doesn’t have any political remit, it’s fair to say though that Margaret Thatcher was a huge political figure in the lifetime of many people reading this. She was born in Grantham, which is in Lincolnshire……

🎵“We are the cheeky girls, we are the cheeky girls, you are the cheeky boys, you are the cheeky boys🎼
Like HRH, Maggie loved a Pearl Necklace

Famous Other Stuff…….

Whilst I’m sure that jumped up little shit Greta Thunberg doesn’t approve, the Ref Arrows are absolute class – 100%

SAFCBlog – 6/10 Educational Unsocial Sports Based Media – FTM

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