Modern Football is……… (Can I defer for a few days please?)

So, modern football is….. in the last week; we were very good at Burnley and very shite at Peterborough, that’s the way football goes I guess? Unless you are a super rich Manchester City type? Just hold that thought……..

There’s every chance, that in 48 hours time we may be one of the richest clubs in world football? Fucking bonkers I know. As someone who attends most games and experiences the heartache, friendship, joy, disappointment etc on a weekly basis…. is being mega rich all it’s cracked up to be?

As always there’s pros and cons a plenty and it’s a game of opinions, which is the way it should be. So…. who wants to be a Man City? The hard fought win at Rochdale 2 weeks ago, following the York City twitter feed as they got a point at Guiseley last night is what it’s all about? Winning 4-0 every week in the Premier League is a shallow, hollow existence???BOLLOCKS – bring it on!

The good old days. - modern football is.....
Winning is good

All a bit bizarre that one of the world’s richest men fancies being our owner? In this article, I’ll look at the positives and negatives…..


Mags will be fuming…. having never won anything on colour TV – writing on bedsheets, shouting at shops and attacking horses will all be on the horizon?

when football was good, modern football is
“Can we have a hard drive check please…….?”

Like Man City, Sunderland are a proper club – obviously biased…. but I’d guess most neutrals would prefer City and SAFC over United and Mags all day long? Similar to City….. we are good to go….loads of land nearby to develop and a decent stadium already in place…….

not modern football
Kiss me where the sun don’t shine…..
The past was yours…..l
But the futures mine……
modern football
You’re all out of time…….have you seen? Have you heard? The way they play…. there are no words to describe the way I feel…..

Lots of other positives to being huge…… having enjoyed bumbling around Portugal and Germany at pre season games… I can only imagine how watching the lads in a proper game in Europe may be?

The one downside of City’s relocation has been the demise of the pubs surrounding the ground – no such worries for us…. lots of matchday pubs; but they are also thriving pubs at other times.

So…… assuming we keep a relationship between cost and value… the takeover looks fucking mint?

Shit kits no more??

modern football
No more shite kits

  • Better food
  • stadium upgrade
  • wi fi

The benefits are endless I’d say?

As always there’s a counter argument…..


Being rich can bring about arrogance and shithousery? We’ll be fine though I’d say?


If we find ourselves paying top wages, we will have to negotiate agents etc… but, better to have shithouse players when you’re not skint?

a modern footballer
Modern football was rubbish….

Ultimately, being mega rich is a huge positive. City have handled it with class….

modern football is all about the money
Lack of class…..

But lots of celebrities handle wealth and status with ease and class?

Anna…. think you’ve blocked me by accident on social media?
Are you getting my messages?

To prove the point that wealthy celebs can keep it real… SAFCBlog searched a few celebrities at random….,,

Some completely random pictures of celebrities

So, modern football is…… bring it on; I’m ready for a jaunt round Europe: shortly before SAFCBlog’s beloved dad died last year ~ it was agreed none of us would see SAFC in the Premiership again? So fuck it…… let’s win something.

As a matter of clarity….. DELL do computers? SAFCBlog……

  • Needs a computer
  • is for sale at any price



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