New manager incoming…. takeover fucked

So, seems we have a new gaffer coming in tomorrow morning; no secret that SAFCBlog is happy with the , (reported), impending appointment…. we need to get out of this shite league, no point looking any further? Yes we’d all love to be perusing the sandwiches at pret-a-manger….. but we’re coppering up for a Greggs?

“Got to know where you’re at in life?”

Appreciate that Stewart Donald deleted his Twitter at 1am this morning, I was asleep as I’d had a few beers earlier in the evening and I’m always mindful that nowt good can ever come of being on social media once I’ve had an ale or two? Absolutely no one should receive abuse of any type…. but, regular readers will be aware of my opinion of his acquisition and stewardship of our great club.

Takeover looks to be goosed? Still hopeful of investment of sorts? No benefit in speculating …. but anyone daft enough to have followed this blog from the off, will be aware of my take on our current owners.

Who wants to be mega rich anyway? Del and Rodney lost their soul once they scooped the jackpot? Ultimately…. it’s matters not….

Keep the faith……

“Never stop believing…..”

New man incoming tomorrow……..


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