Next Up – Stoke City Away

Picture This…..

IT issues resolved, something to do with storage? Whilst yesterdays blog is now virtual chip shop paper, here’s the photos that would have been in it.

Shit ballboys>pissed off dog>a hill>a road>a rare picture SAGFBlog>WhatsApp >map>hat>goal>dog…… this might not be bad format? Save time for both writer and reader✅

Photography Issues….

Sunderland have started the season OK, we look to have goals in us and passion & heart, it’s a really tough league, but I reckon we will be competitive and hopefully finish mid table – which would be huge progress.

This cannot go on?

I’m not driving tomorrow so I am going to do the photos, we have A Trialist on duty for the Norwich game, who if nothing else seems keen✅ 🎥 Over to you Gaz

Stoke City….

  • They’ve got 4 points from 4 games
  • They were shite vs Huddersfield
  • Been there lots and its normally cold, Shirley not tomorrow?
  • Remember being there about 8 years ago when Jordi Gomez managed to take 3 consecutive corners that went out for a goal kick, (see attached graphic)
3 corners = 3 goal kicks > shocking

The Stadium…..

We are lucky that our stadium is fantastic, we are also almost unique that we built our new stadium nearer town than our old one. Stoke’s ground is fucking miles from anywhere, as you’d expect from a new ground, the facilities are decent. I’ve not, (as yet), has an advisory role in the planning and development of a football stadium….. but grounds without the corners filled in are crap, (see attached graphic)

B much, much better than A

SAFCBlog Predicts……. I fancy us tomorrow big style⚽️ more chance of us keeping a clean sheet than there is Ant McPartlin waking up to one? A 3-1 WIN ⚽️⚽️⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️⚽️⚽️⚽️

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Win tomorrow – 100%

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