Oldham at Home….. Just 1 Sleep

Not a Big Game….

It’s unlikely to capture the imagination tomorrow night, starting Saturday we have 3 home league games in 8 days….

No place like home

Whilst it’s not a big game, it’s an opportunity? There’s lots of excitement, (relatively speaking), about our trip Up the Arsenal, we’ll get hammered down there, realistically the Pizza Cup offers an opportunity?

Last Year…..

We played them on the way to our triumph in this competition last season, they weren’t very good – they seem to be significantly worse now?

We weren’t allowed to watch football ln person last year, the 6pm kick off was delayed and the game didn’t finish til well after 9pm, I can only imagine how this must have felt for any individual who booked a gym trial in the studio overlooking the pitch and ended up on an exercise bike for over 3 hours? No wonder he was walking like Gordon the Goffer after a Pool Party at Mike Barrymores gaff?

Win Tomorrow?

You’d have to think so? SAFCBlog Predicts…. SAFC 3 vs OAFC 0

Their Team……

Can’t be arsed to,Google, I’m guessing they will play a weakened team, who cares?

The Town…….

Who are ya?

Loads of famous types from the town which is famously twinned with Texas….

Inspiral Carpets 🌎
Pip Schofield is from Oldham…..
Professor Brian Cox, he knows Uranus like the back of his hand?

Celebratory gay Chris Biggins

Bearded actor Bernard Cribbins
Toe sucker Paul Scholes supports Oldham


….. is huge, we may as well win tomorrow? BIG 2 weeks incoming⚽️

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