SAFC Vs Gillingham preview….

Hopes were high that we’d get a fun away day at York, Harrogate, Darlington…. it wasn’t to be; Gillingham a dull draw…. but;

  • It’s fucking miles away, better at home than away?
  • We should win?

We played 62 games, (a few of them not 1-1), last season, the priority this time around has to be the league? Realistically we aren’t going to win the FA Cup – so what’s the point?

Given we’re not arsed about the game, I’ll keep the preview brief…..

They are managed by shithouse Steve Evans…..

SAFC Vs Gillingham Preview
Steve Evans
Gillingham Manager – Steve Evans

Gillingham are shit. We should beat them, SAFCBlog predicts a 2-0 win.

Gillingham is in Kent, (not quite as shite as a Essex).

Famous people from Gillingham include…..


“Cooking – not that hard?”

Nowt to do in Gillingham….

SAFC Vs Gillingham Preview

We scored 4 goals against them twice last year!!!!

Fat singer Rik Waller is from Gillingham- SAFCBlog loves a music video – sadly Rik only offers some covers of shit ballads……

Proper song

So…. a game we could do without? But SAFCBlog will be there.

Changing the subject slightly…. the SAFCBlog 2020 calendar, (£7.99), is taking shape. Anna Friel is the January subject. SAFCBlog can now reveal February….

“Just a shame it’s a 28 day month????”

Voting is now open to decide who will be miss, (or mr), March…. either via the media team at Or in person at the Cockwell Inn, HG2, (no point booking).

Beat Gillingham I’d say?



SAFC Vs Gillingham Preview

SAFCBlog likes a bit of music, sadly the best Gillingham has to offer is Rik Waller…. whilst he’s shite; it does sound a bit like Weller??????



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