SAFCBlog 0 vs SAFCVlog 1, (S. Hawkins, 22)

And we’re off……. Day 1 of our Championship campaign. I normally do my match reviews the day after the game. Nowadays we’re not allowed to go to the match, so match reports are being brought to you in a digital Vlog style- what a time to be alive?

Day 1…… Excitement is at fever pitch in HG1…

Ordinarily my preference is an Away game to start with, but it doesn’t matter in the current climate. Yes, sadly it’s HG1 and not SR5 today for SAFCBlog. Earlier in the week there was talk of going up anyway and watching the game in the car in the car park at the SOL. The Government announcement that COVID is starting again on Monday meant we decided against that. I did consider starting to drink beer at 9am this morning before getting a cab to a service station and buying a load of crisps and then getting the taxi to wait till was desperate for a piss and then source the next services – but what’s the fucking point. So…. once again, it’s a case of watching a live stream, with no mates and no atmosphere…..

Live stream ✅ Krombacher ✅ flags ✅….. not like being there, but I’m doing my best

Never look back……

Absolute shocker last time we met…..

Drawing on walls that aren’t your own is illegal…..

Day 1….. never look back,…..”the revolution will be streamed”
Some ‘non celebrity vandalism’….. a plus of being anonymous and making millions, is I guess you have no obligation to HMRC?

Back on topic…..

Pleased to see Grigg starting, a little surprised Scowen didn’t get the nod after bossing the game on Tuesday night?

The teams are out…..

Not sure whether it’s ok to say this…..’but if I want to catch up on politics I’ll be sure to tune into the Andrew Marr Show tomorrow, I’ve paid my tenner to watch a sports broadcast this afternoon’

A bit bizarre to hear the Stadium Announcer attempting to whip the seats into a frenzy, with his reading out of the lineups.

3pm…..lets get right into these, an early goal would be brilliant!

3.03pm…….an early goal!!

That’s not what I had in mind lads…… definite penalty and well dispatched. Loads of time left though

25 minutes gone….. Rovers look lively, we almost score from a scramble. Might not be the end of the world that there’s no fans in attendance? Benno seems to have written Burge off already in his commentary?

Phil Watch…….

More school teacher than Deliveroo driver once again, but seems to have just the 1 outfit?

Good to The Scotchman Newspaper picking up on Jacks style, no doubt they’ll be in touch with me soon to discuss…..

No confirmed date as yet, but no doubt coming soon….. SAFCBlog & The Scotchman Collaboration….

Half time = a long, long time….

When you’re at the game, half time goes in a flash, watching on TV it lasts forever….. not going to get into the whole if a tree falls in an empty forest, does it make a sound? But do we need a DJ whipping the seats into a frenzy?… 


An hour gone….. Maguire and Dobson been poor, probably a case for bringing Scowen on for Dobson? Maguire….. well he’s Maguire, he can play shite and still win the game?

We’re still losing 1-0, we’ve played well 2nd half…. but yes we are losing…. nowt to do tactics, just the consequence of an individual error?


I’ve said many times how bad they are at this level? Thankfully so, as O’Brien should have been booked for diving and Wright shouldn’t still be on the pitch!

73 minutes gone…. we can still win this game?

Morbid Fascination Saturdays……

I guess SAFCBlog/Vlog is part of the Social Media family! But fucking hell…..all manner of negative shite online already. Even the Official commentary team…. NB, It’s a must win….GB, we need someone like McGeady….the Super Kev Brigade will be salivating at their keyboards if we don’t win?

Maguire ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Long Live the King

82 minutes…… as discussed, that’s what he does!

90 minutes ….. 1-1

Rovers players going down like Pip Schofield at the GMTV Xmas do….. 8 minutes added on….. COME ON LADS!


Lacked intensity first 45 today, but we are obviously very fit. 1-1 not brilliant…. tempo not great 1st half. Tough gig watching online, I’d so dearly love to be going to Oxford next Saturday with 1399 others fully behind the lads.

We go again as always…… fair dos to the DJ…. Regret by New Order straight in the tannoy ✅

Here’s to Leeds getting hammered on TV at 5.30pm….. All New Order aren’t we?

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