SAFCBlog #1045 – Close Season Boredom #1


Whilst no football is a bit shite, I’m a big fan of sunshine, it’ll be August before we know it.

Whilst the SAFCBlog Digital Graphics Department, (well Adam), has its finger on the pulse, whoever thought of this simple graphic/slogan, has had a very good day at work.


I’m under no illusions that this blog isn’t that good, the absence of football only serves to make it less good. It seems the same old Lazy Jounalism shite repeats itself ever summer?

The Manager

Tony is a good man and has done a wonderful job, unlike recent years the club now handles matters properly, the stories about him being sacked will 100% not have come from the club

Players Leaving

Same patter every year? Shirley they are on holiday shagging birds? We’ve had a good season, mainly due to having good players? For years the model was sign shite for millions of pounds then get nowt for them, I’m happier with how things are now?

“Give me fucking strength”

Transfers in

Michut is good, Bellingham is better, just got to trust the process. I won’t advise KLD on sourcing players, I’m not expecting him to offer me advice on writing a shit blog and the forthcoming SAFCBlog book.


I didn’t watch the Birds Cup Final, (not my bag), but why no blokes SKY? Why?

“Come on SKY….”

Play off final

“A face for radio?” Not easy matching your hoodie to your skin tone?

I couldn’t care less who wins out of Luton and Coventry, it’s like asking if you want Kate McCann or Jimmy Savile to look after your kids? I was gutted to lose to Luton, they deserved to win though, all this their ground is too shit for the PL is utter nonsense, any team winning the play offs on the back of a 46 game season deserves promotion

Next season

It’ll be August soon x”
With the right signings, (we will), we will piss this league next year. The teams coming up are average, Leicester, Everton and Leeds are on the brink financially, Southampton are shit. We were the 4th top scorers this season without a striker, we will piss the league next year 100%

The Premiership

We’ll have to wait another year, but we’re on our way 100%. Mick Arteta should have got his dog earlier?

SAFCBlog – ahead of the game – lock up your remote controls though Mick

Next season is ours”

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