SAFCBlog #1045 – More Watford Thoughts

We’ve probably all felt a bit flat after yesterday, although as discussed the fact that we head to Preston with a chance is a remarkable testament to the players, management and ownership of the club.

All manner of possibilities/ connotations?

My initial thought yesterday was that we always gas it in front of a full house, now the dust has settled, I’m of the opinion that we did ok? We conceded two soft goals, but we weren’t bad? We started well, we had enough opportunities to win the game, it just wasn’t to be?

9 times out of 10, we win this game?

Whatever happens at Preston it’s been a great season, I spent most of the season not considering promotion and probably not wanting it, but fuck it, why not? There’s going to be some utter dross, (6 teams), in the top flight next season, there’s absolutely no reason for us not to stay up in the event of us going up. One for another day, but we’d have to improve at home, (we aren’t winning away as much), and the likes of Gooch and O’Nien can never kick a ball in The Premiership, but we’ll have a plan, so why not eh? The future is ours.

All roads lead to Preston

I can’t wait, short week with the banks on strike again tomorrow, I’m borderline giddy, be a lovely day regardless, ready now.

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4 thoughts on “SAFCBlog #1045 – More Watford Thoughts

  1. While the season has been one of beauty in most areas, i pray that the powers that be , dont make the same mistakes , of which they have been few, yet VERY costly
    Saying that , whose to say that IF we do go up , then im sure myself , along with countless others , will be of the same opinion we were at the beginning of this , “` Id settle for staying up/mid table` , whatever the outcome, im sure the lads will give their all , & be as good as most Blogs relating to the club we love 😉

    As for the time wasting , im sick to the back teeth of the media/pundits/ so called `experts` calling it the `dark arts, its disrespectful to fans and other clubs, who actually try to play the game the way its meant to be played
    Call this dark arts/ game management bollocks what it is FFS , its CHEATING , nothing else FACT !! Game ought to be stopped by a neutral official every time a player feigns injury/cheats/wastes time / takes the long path off the pitch , theyl sharp stop it when thers 10/15/20 minutes added

    Blog brilliant as ever , 8/10


  2. We absolutely battered them to be fair. So many injuries, but we just never give up. I’m so proud of this side not since the days of Peter Reid have we had a collective bunch all willing to die for the shirt. They give it all and leave it on the pitch and it’s all you can you can ask for. Along side that never say die attitude we actually play total football don’t we? My mindset was our league 1 squad would struggle but consolidate and I’d have been happy that we just stayed up. They’ve massively exceeded that and I couldn’t be prouder of them. After years of dross it’s so good to see. I actually don’t mind if we don’t get into the playoffs but they’ve sucked us in as they do. Brilliant blog 10/10.

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