SAFCBlog #1044, Watford Thoughts – 10 Minute Freeview


“Game on”

It’s late, emotional rollercoaster, sore legs etc….. long day today, slept great last night despite the anticipation of today. I thought we’d win today on the basis that we needed to and Watford are shite, we didn’t win…. We conceded 2 poor goals, we scored a fantastic equaliser, we weren’t at our best by any means? We go again next Monday

Time wasting

It’s not good is it? I 100% don’t subscribe to this weeks media friendly idea that fans should be refunded when they get dicked 6-0/6-1, (you bought a ticket and got 90 minutes?), but time wasting is getting worse?

  • They celebrated their 1st goal for 2 minutes & 15 seconds?
  • 2 of their subs walked off the long way, (whilst it’s not the rule, it’s the recommendation to take the shortest route?)
  • Whilst it was nice of Luke to come to work today, his ridiculous challenge, (just as well their player saw him coming and jumped, otherwise it was a Red Card), resulted in a 3 minutes & 10 seconds stoppage in play?
  • 30 seconds per substitution?
  • It’s by no means unique to Watford, but we’re getting fucked robbed here of what we’ve paid for? Just add 14 minutes on if need be?

We go again next Monday

All roads lead to Preston – can’t wait. Surely it’ll be warm enough to ditch the heated seats?

This season

Who knows how things will work out next Monday? To be in the mix is a fantastic achievement?

  • 7 wins out 23 home games is not good enough
  • Lost our promotion winning manager in September
  • Shit loads of injuries
  • The highest points total/finish of a team promoted vis the payoffs
  • Wigan and Rotherham got automatic promotion last year, they are both fucked and light years behind us
  • Some wonderful goals and memories

The last minute penalty vs Bristol City and the subsequent 1-2 shitshows at Rotherham and Coventry over an 8 day period, probably sealed our fate? But…. We go to Preston in hope and let’s see what happens?

“Never ever say never”

Serious Journalistic Content

End of season review etc, imminent, but we aren’t done yet? See you at Preston, so in love with this season.

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