SAFCBlog #1070 – Defeat at Stoke

Really bad result yesterday, it probably annoyed me more than the 0-4 vs Boro, I was able to write Boro off as one of those days, yesterday was just so frustrating in so many ways.

The Game

We didn’t play well yesterday, if you play poorly is this league you normally lose, even against an opposition as bang average as Stoke. Having watched the 15 minute highlights on TV, we probably had enough chances to not lose the game, but we just looked a bit flat, unlike most away games over the last year, I never really believed that we’d get anything from the game at any stage in the 2nd half. We missed Dan Neil, Ekwah was not quite up to speed, Roberts has been shite since he nearly left in August, conversely Ballard just gets better with every game

The goals

0-1, it was handball, (more on the ref later)

1-1, Clarke doing what Clarke does, the keeper probably should have done better with the initial shot?

1-2, terrible goal to concede, a free header from 5 yards, whether it’s the keeper or the defenders, this is a terrible way to concede at this level

Team selection

Heard a bit of criticism regarding the team selection yesterday, whilst it’s not ideal playing without a striker I’ve seen nowt to-date to suggest that Burstow or Amir are the answer? Clarke has scored 8 in 10, the aforementioned strikers don’t look like they have 8 goals between them, (on the evidence of the season so far)

The Stadium

Shit ground with no atmosphere and possibly the worst to get away from by car in the world. I’ve not, (to date), been involved in stadium design or stadium management, but with a blank canvas next to the motorway, they made a crap job of this?

Corners = atmosphere and warmth

No corners = no atmosphere and cold

The Officials

Dreadful again, the handball aside, he let them take this piss time wasting etc, in the 2nd half there were 10 subs, a long celebration, faked injuries, crowd not returning the ball, (is it harder to throw with 6 fingers?), loads of stoppages in general etc, there was 5 minutes added on – absolutely fucking ridiculous.

But….. working on the basis the officials are crap most weeks, we need to learn how to adapt to such shithousery, not at 1-2 down, but next time we are 1 goal ahead, lets just accept the ref has no control and behave like complete cunts like Stoke did yesterday.

You are what you Wear(side)

Cold yesterday so I wore my big coat, since Mrs M bought Tony that bodywarmer last Christmas, he’s worn nowt else

Regardless of cold it is in Stoke, there can no place for the coat choice yesterday Tony?

I’ve not spoke to Tony today, but he obviously reads this, so if there’s an issue with the bodywarmer, just give me a ring Tony, I’ve got loads of them in my hallway

Available in 3 colours Tony, from XS,(*) – XXL

Other news

Come on Sky, can this please stop now?

Up Next

It’s not out of the question that the Leicestershire Match Review might just cover the first 30 minutes of the game?

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