International Break Misery SPZL

ShaunBlog is generally pretty positive, I’ve smashed my poached eggs and walked around a field – International Break is shite, but the SAFC Blossom Hill Glass remains over half full 🤜🙏

Given a fat brown dog has destroyed my iPad, I’m restricted to posting via my phone, (don’t know how to do bold print, underline, or do headings – read your emails Holly), so this blog, (as previously compared *), is a James Joyce Ulysses type experience, (you don’t get this type of high level literacy references from that shite Blackpool Blog?)

International Break is desperate, happy enough to watch us play Italy tonight, but Australia????

The Rugby World Cup not my bag, (handball?)

I love cricket – but losing to The Taliban on Sunday not ideal?

All about Saturday now?

Stoke away last year was great, Stoke at home was awful, (should definitely maybe have stayed in bed?)

I liked him in September- he let me down – every day is a learning day?

I’d trust this bird more now, FYI

BIG week

Stoke (tough)

Leicestershire (tougher)

Northwich (tough)

it’s a good time to keep a cool head, a 46 game season is a long haul, we might struggle to get too many points from these 3 games, but we’ll be ok I’d say?

Leicester- they seem decent, I went to every away game under Moyes, I genuinely have zero recollection of the last time we played there, (0-2). The season before we went on day 1, (need to be beating teams like Leicester?), I dipped out on 26 minutes at 0-3

I can see Leicester staying up this season ???? Maybe even top half????

All roads lead to Stoke – ShaunBlog predicts SCFC 0 vs SAFC3 ⚽️⚽️⚽️

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