Next up – Stoke Away

I enjoy supporting Sunderland, I’d hate to support Stoke, (shit town, shit fans, shit ground, shit manager), we probably owe them one after the 1-5 shit show at the SOL last season?

Not quite back to being as prolific as I was, but even 1 of these a week is better than that Blackpool Blog on a regular basis?

“Moribund” *not my words, the words of Jim from Wigan

Jim from Wigan….

Very funny etc, but who is it? Come clean and I’ll send you a t shirt from terracewear giants Fritidsklader

*available in smaller sizes

Last time at Stoke was great, I was pleased Alex Neil was our manager, sadly he’d already decided he was leaving…..



Same again next Saturday please, let’s give that baldy scotch prick his P45 ✅

Great day out last season

I even met that fat lad who nearly pegged it in the USA

SAFCBlog Predicts

SCFC 0 vs SAFC 3 ⚽️⚽️⚽️

SAFCBlog – Jim from Wigan Surveillance Media Systems – FTM

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