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Anyone who used to read this shite will be aware I’ve not bothered doing it for ages, but thought I’d make a return. Kris Day threatening a hunger strike and Garry, (farmhand, hot pants, fanny magnet), Summerson put the cows away til March 2024. Add to this the demise of the ‘once functional’ Blackpool Blog by that bloke with typewriter terets, it seems the right time?

Ch, ch, ch changes

I’m not of the mindset to be a needy crank who needs to share my life on Social Media, but as often alluded to I’m surprised, baffled and flattered in equal measure that anyone would ever read this drivel.

Dogs are better than people, I had 2 lovely dogs, I’ve now got 1

“Only love can break your heart 💔🐶🌈”

So just me and this fat brown bastard now

The Season so far……

last season was great, this season has been decent so far….

Ipswich 1-2, expected a draw but we lost

Preston 1-3, after the high of our visit there in May, there was always potential for it to be shite – it was

Rotherham 2-1, they’ve never been any good, but we’ve always struggled against their physicality – this year they were just shite without said physically

Coventry 0-0, we always struggle against them, a point a good return and a potential turning point?

Southampton 5-0, total football⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

QPR 3-1, deserved / easy 3 points, they will get relegated

Blackburn, 3-1, great night and a great win against a decent side

“Blackburn Bucket List Wednesday Club” – met Bradley Walsh and that fat lad who sells t shirts and nearly pegged it in the USA

Cardiff, 0-1, similar to last year, should have stayed in bed

Sheff Weds, 3-0, they on the bones of their arse – embarrassingly easy win, they will go down with QPR

Boro, 0-4, bad day > move on

Overall, 7/10 – we are doing ok 👍 don’t mind losing the odd game, avoid draws the way forward as they seem like ok results, I would rather lose the odd game and bounce back. All roads lead to Stoke

Let’s facilitate a P45 for this baldy prick in 2 weeks eh?

SAFCBlog – Bang Average At Best – FTM

Doing music requests now, this is for Mr H Bishop of Kiev

17 thoughts on “SAFCBlog – The Season So Far

      1. NEWSFLASH !!!!

        Felling man beams from ear to ear at the thought of having said aforementioned ’shite’ back 😉

        Brilliant stuff as per , solid 7.5 , 👌🏼

        P fucking S

        Good to have you back bud ✍️

  1. Tremendous song choice for life and roads of Europe and Ukraine.
    Delighted you are back to keyboard as frankly low bar of football lifestyle blogs around.
    Average as always so 6/10 at best aided by 5 points for song choice .
    Onwards and upwards

    1. Keep on keeping on pal – expecting another 3 points for that police van at 87mph on the A19 yesterday ????

  2. Begrudgingly I’ll say welcome back. Hoped you’d finished writing such ‘up your own arse shite’, but no.

    I won’t be reading. Thanks.

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