SAFCBlog #1077, still nowt happening….

Whichever way it’s dressed up, June without an International Tournament is shite?

Blogging a dead cause

Tough gig writing a football blog without any football, I’ve never been overly arsed if anyone occasionally reads, last Fridays article, (6/10j, was met with an unprecedented level of excitement, (low bar, all relative etc), but positive feedback from Farmhand and Fanny magnet Gaz, (Hotpants), Summerson, Kris, (chips and rice), Day, Some highlighter pen bloke with missing fingers, a fat man who dresses as a lion and some others. I’ve decided that 6/10 is enough to spend 30 minutes writing some dross, fuck know where the Blackpool Media Whore Types are?


100% positive, we’ve recruited better and sooner than anyone else, not arsed for Simms, especially at the fee quoted, we can sign all manner of foreign types for the fee quoted, never look back

Crack on KLD

Fixtures tomorrow

Ultimately we’ll play each team twice, could do without Ipswich, Plymouth, Southampton away midweek, be nice for London games to be a Saturday, but it matters not. Being slightly cynical I expect the 1st fri night game to be us or Sheff Weds vs Dirty Leeds? Whilst this goes against the ethical code of fixing random draws, SAFCBlog is privy to the notion that winners of draws can be fixed, (FYI)


it’s happening in a big way, it was only a matter of time til players of a prime age started to take the millions on offer, it’s inappropriate to slate football at this time, as it’s been happening for over a decade, Social Media, Hotel Groups, Russell Group Universities have long since been funded by the Arab States, the PL can’t and won’t oppose this, it’s a shame, (I’m in the anti child bride, execution, homophobia, Beheading camp – but just as football sold it’s soul to SKY 25 years ago, the moral ship has now sailed.


Artic Monkeys, (Away), not often you see Dale Winton and the Liverpool goalie in one picture???

Sunshine and not wearing long trousers is good, no footie is shite, I was watching Lorraine, (I know, I know), this morning and apparently the Artic Monkeys have called in sick for Glastonbury, (70’000 people > no showers > effectively part time gypsies), apparently Harry Styles is replacing them???

When you buy Artic Monkeys tickets and you get Harry Styles??”

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Giving Glastonbury a miss, (like to wash), all roads lead to Leeds on 15th July, to watch York’s finest ,(some proper dodgepots in this video?)

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