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Cracking Day of cricket today, good to see Yorkshire’s Finest giving it to the Aussies, especially good to see Bairstow back playing, rather than fucking about halfcut breaking his leg playing golf, I’ve not, (to date): played cricket for England, but I have walked off the 3rd tee at Pannal Golf Club twice a week for 12 years without snapping my Achilles. 400 on day 1 is good, obviously if we’d got a wicket in the 4 overs that would be good, strange declaration though, just let Root smash another 30 runs and have another swipe tomorrow? 400 is good but 450 would be great? The reality is though, no footie is shite….

It won’t be long.

Last season was fantastic, there’s absolutely no reason for next season not to be even better. We all know Alex Neil is a prick and that Tony Mowbray did a good job, on balance I’m pleased that TM will be in charge next season, not great padded body warmer weather though?. Whilst the manager is the figurehead, I actually think in the current climate the recruitment is the key, whilst unlike days gone by, player recruitment now has very little to do with the manager. Our recruitment is good, this is made to look even better given the absolute shitshow we had to endure for the previous 5 or 6 years?

It’s still summer and is open season for lazy journalism, (SAFCBlog can’t even be arsed to write shite blogs), proper journalists get paid a salary, so I guess are obliged to write stuff? But the reality is, not a right lot has happened since we got bullied at Luton a month or so ago. That said, our squad is already taking shape

Great prospect, great age, great price

Hume extending his contract another positive, Semedo looks a great signing, don’t know much about the Australian and the Dutch blokes. I’ve not, (to date), worked in the area of sourcing Pan Asian footballers, but I reckon we should sign some Japanese? They were good at the WC and the ones at Celtic have done well, and they seem like decent folk, good for the club shop too, as they all have shit loads of letters in their names?

Michut gone, that’s ok. Stewart will stay, (gone from hot property to crock), not arsed for Simms, (especially for a fee), ultimately the model is good, Bennette turned 19 yesterday, loads of other Afro French types who will improve – they won’t all work out, but it’s a superior model to signing Peinar, Anichebee etc. Onwards and fucking upwards, SAFCBlog Predicts… 92 points and we piss this league 100%


I’m lucky/daft enough to go to all the games, but ultimately we will play everyone twice. I’d always rather go to London on a Saturday, not go to Plymouth mid week, not play Norwich away at noon etc, but it matters not. The PL starts the week before the Championship, those horrible bastards up the road are playing at home Day 1, (rather than marrying children and slaughtering innocent people that day), this would suggest we will be at home day 1, home on Boxing Day, Away last day – perfecto.

Nothing more to add

it’s summer, nowts happening footie wise, I’ll write something in a week when the fixtures are out, (I’m assuming the random super computer will have us at home to Leeds on the Friday night?)

Stay positive, it won’t be long til the beautiful game returns

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