SAFCBlog #1075 – Nowt Much Happening

The weather is good, summer is good, no football is shite. It feels like an age since we got humped at Luton, it also feels like an age til we start the new season.


Lots of shoddy, lazy journalism speculating on who’s leaving, realistically nowt is happening. SAFCBlog is at best bang average when the season is in full swing, I don’t bother writing it during the summer as there’s nothing much to write about. Some of our players may well leave, that’s a reflection of the quality we have, I also have complete faith in the recruitment process, but realistically nothing is happening for the next 3 weeks or so? All our players will be on holiday having pool parties and shagging, (fully consensual, rather than in a Jack Diamond, Mason Greenwood way), Luke will be playing table tennis at some Mediterranean Kids Club, they are having a break – so no point speculating otherwise.

Yes Luke


SAFCBlog is going to have a bit of annual leave and fold some tee shirts, walk the dogs and hit some golf balls. I’ll be back once there’s something SAFC to write shite about. It feels like ages til the new season, but everything comes around, whether it be 12 days til the fixtures, 1 month to a friendly, 2 months til the season, 4 years, (a long time), til a World Cup etc

Only a day away.

SAFCBlog – Bang Fucking Average At Very Best – FTM

8 thoughts on “SAFCBlog #1075 – Nowt Much Happening

  1. And Boooosh , there it is , just when I thought the blogfest was having a bit of a sabbatical , i spy the Broon highlighter chomping Durg on that there twitterererer
    Decent stuff , if a tad shy on footy stuff ( which to be fair , is no one fault 😉 )

    Enjoy the break Blogging gadgy 😉

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