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Another day of wall to wall football, Spain vs Germany at 7pm, got to love the World Cup⚽️✅❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🐶🍕🛏🔴⚪️⚽️💥✅ SAFCBlog is in love – with the World Cupi
4 World Cup games✅ Proper day⚽️
“Qat Ching ….9/1 Pollok, decent price?”

The biggest cup competition in the world

The World Cup is brilliant, but let’s not overlook that tomorrow night is the draw for the FA Cup 3rd round

Whilst we decided to play in League 1 for four years, the FA Cup consisted of losing to Walsall, Gillingham, Mansfield and Mansfield, we are now entering the competition at round 3, and tinpot lower league jobbers like the aforementioned can only dream of drawing us for a big day out.

3rd round day is brilliant, it’s always the 1st Saturday in January, I’m giddy we are going to be involved for the 1st time in ages. The way the calendar falls we are at Blackpool on Sunday 1st January, so no game on Saturday 31st, that’s fine New Years Eve is shite anyway, forced fun for cranks, New Years Day at Blackpool will be lovely, going to stop over and get completely fucked✅⚽️ We’ll absolutely smash them 100%

The Draw

It’s obviously a random process, so there’s 63 teams we could draw. SAFCBlog has been unfairly questioned re: random draws in the past, the fact that a combination of 2 people have won the last 6 draws may look dodgy from the outside, repeating myself, but you need to be in to win.

There’s an argument that given it’s a random process, there’s no point speculating on our opponents? But there’s also a strong argument that there’s no point writing this shite? If it feels like a tough read, imagine writing this shite? So I’ll crack on regardless…..

Scenario 1 > worst case > catastrophic thinking…

We draw Newcastle…… This would be a disaster, some people champion north east football? I don’t, I fucking hate them and their murderous regime, at present we live rent free in their heads, we own them, 6 in a row, not lost for years, we are cool whilst they punch horses and shout at shops. Whilst I’d be well up for it, let’s leave it for now. Good mate of mine is a Pompey fan, they drew Southampton a few years ago > lost 4-0 > playing your rivals when they are playing at a higher level > not good

Scenario 2….

Someone in the same division, boring and a shite crowd, waste of a round 3 game

Scenario 3…..

Some league 1 team away, boring and might lose

Scenario 4……

Premier League team, positive situation, nothing to lose

Scenario 5…..

Someone shit, but not too shit, (their cup final), nothing to gain from playing Bristol Rovers or Wrexham away

Scenario 6…..

Someone really shit, that would be good

Random draw, so let’s see, personally Forest Green, Brentford or Spurs away would be good, (only potential for new grounds for SAFCBlog)

SAFCBlog Xmas Party Update…

Plans coming along nicely, Royal Mail mid season break playing havoc with the dress code, but it’ll be fine.

SAFCBlog predicts ….. WREXHAM > catastrophic draw

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