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16th March 2019…..

We were playing Walsall at home, it was one of those days where you woke up and were waiting to go to the game, we decided to go early and visit The Tees Transporter Bridge Visitor Centre, I was unaware of what a blog was….. 20 minutes later I’d bought the domain name for 3 years, I had notification yesterday that it’s 58 days til this expires…. I’ll renew it for another year because I enjoy it, 576’000 so far, once I hit a million I’m gonna do a KLF and have a big bonfire BBQ at Gaz Summersons Gaff…..

Get Kris Day on the phone and tell him we need coleslaw ASAP🌎”

I genuinely couldn’t give a shite who reads this, I could monetise it with ads etc…. Not my bag. it’s human nature to watch the views rise, 2 weeks in I had 83 views,…..

A league 1 match vs Walsall > swapping 36 cans of short dated Coca Cola for 6 Prize Leeks > why wouldn’t people read this shite?

No Footie Tuesdays …..

It’s crap not having a Tuesday game, no game next Tuesday – but then we’ve got loads ⚽️ The next Tuesday game is Cheltenham Away…. This excites me more than it should⚽️

Tuesday Transfer Tosspot Club….

  • I like how we are progressing
  • Hawkes to Tranmere, all good, the lad is wanted there and needs to play
  • Said my bit on Defoe, my, (uninformed opinion), is that he will be announced tomorrow

Tuesday TV Club….

Need to watch Dragons Den and The Apprentice….. Cutting edge Transfer Analysis and Bolton Match Preview tomorrow or Thursday ⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️

No Footie Tuesday’s….. Bag of Shite

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