SAFCBlog Christmas Eve Ramblings

Ordinarily you’d expect Christmas Eve to be a Slow News Day,  couldn’t be further from the truth at SAFC…….

“KLD is Gonna Rock You……”

No doubt loads will be written moving forward regarding today’s news. Ultimately we all want the very best for SAFC, at present we are on our arse. There’s lots of, (well documented), reasons for this, whether it’s a business, a community asset, a person etc…..there’s always a consideration of cause and effect? There’s all manner of factors that have caused and affected the wellbeing of SAFC, let’s just all hope that we can recover from our current state ASAP. Looking forward is generally healthier than looking back? It’s hugely encouraging that it seems they’ve dug their heels in to get shot of Stewart Donald, (in terms of him having any influence), I’ve written more than most about Donald, there’s no need to add anymore, just to say, any success this club enjoys is ‘in spite’ of him and not ‘because’ of him. But…. he’ll be back, whether it be Oxford United or whoever, he’ll be back, people like him cannot help themselves, (note: this is actually not a criticism). Anyway, Onwards and Upwards⚽️

Accrington Stanley Tuesday Night Club….

This doesn’t sound too good?
We can just play ‘Rush Goalie’ or ‘Goalie When Needed?’
‘All 3 keepers caught Covid?’ I bet Messers Steele, Ruiter and Camp wouldn’t have caught it?

We’re not due to train til Sunday, it would probably be better for this game not to go ahead? I’m a miserable old bastard etc, but I really don’t think this season will go on much longer? Too many clubs are now not playing games. It’s often said that, you get what you deserve over 46 games? Less so over 30 odd games….. Coventry deserved to go up last season, Wycombe probably didn’t, Tranmere got completely shafted….no doubt the EFL will have an absolute masterplan up their sleeve?

SAFCBlog Current Affairs Corner…..

I tend to avoid anything not SAFC Related, there seems to be a lot in the news about this virus? I’ve never touched upon Brexit, but there seems to be a Trade Deal? Whilst this may on the surface seem irrelevant to SAFC….. in the light of the news of our impending takeover, we now need to take notice given that in 3 years we’ll be playing European Champions League football……

“All roads lead to Anorthosis Famagusta FC….”

Given that SAFC aren’t bothering to play at the moment, SAFCBlog will be on location at Bootham Crescent for York City vs Guiseley AFC on Monday, with a match report for anyone vaguely interested. If we do decide to play Accrington, obviously I’ll preview and review as normal.

Happy Christmas to all.


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