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Saturday tomorrow⚽️

No match tomorrow, over the years I’ve had a real passion for the National Team, we nearly got the job done in the Euros, (mens version), for whatever reason I’m on a bit of a downer re: International Football at present. It could be a product of Club Football being positive for the first time in years? Or it could be the impending World Cup? I’m under no illusions that atrocities span far and wide, but how has the World Game be allowed to effectively sanction/approve/ embrace this? It’s just abhorrent.

Zero political agenda or allegiance here at SAFCBlog, I’m also not so naive to not realise that Brazil and South Africa were built on poor regimes where there were should have been significant priorities ahead of hosting a football tournament, but I’m nowhere near on board with Qatar 2022. I’d like to think the BBC / ITV would just cover the games from a studio in Manchester / London, rather than lording it in Qatar championing how football brings people together? No a chance? More chance of me having that knob Alex Neil round for Christmas dinner?
That should make things ok? (*it’s categorically not the fault of the players)

There was an opportunity last summer, just as in 1996 under Venables, there’s fuck all chance of us challenging? If only we had a 2nd team to cheer on?

BIG game Tuesday, all roads lead to Le Internationals Suwon World Cup Stadium⚽️
Not ideal timings for any Costa Rican Diehards who watch Tipping Point & The Chase? Thank goodness for ITV+1

This season…..

It’s great isn’t it? A lot has happened already, I wasn’t at the Coventry game so wasn’t party to the atmosphere etc, but watching on TV from afar, my overriding though was this could be a long season? Bristol City was great, just fairly typical of a Championship game, (anything can happen?), since then we’ve been very good. above all else it’s just nice to not be so shit, it’s been dross for years, whilst I always enjoy everything about match-days, it shouldn’t be overlooked that it is also meant to be entertainment?

QPR and Norwich were frustrating, and we were garbage at Boro in the 1st half half, missed opportunity as they are poor, but Boro always going to a tougher assignment for us than others?

On the horizon

The fixture list looks favourable, very North West Heavy, you never know SAFCBlog might be reunited with Pothole Pete, the star of our last trip to Burnley?

Without getting ahead of myself too much, the Burnley home match in October already looks like a big one, they will bring 4’000, could be looking at well over 40’000 for that game.

Routine 0 vs Haphazard Timings 1

Contrary to writing North Yorkshires Premier Non Subscription Digital SAFC Blog, I’m shite with computers, I’m actually ok with that and the desire to learn is not really present, never really had the need so what’s the point? (old dog, new tricks etc). Random release time for SAFCBlog today though, as had a few Friday night technical issues…..
Few new words, but the advice still seems to be, switch it on and off and leave it for a few minutes?

No footie, but no reason not to have a good Saturday – have a good one whatever you decide to do.

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