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Tonight we welcome The Tigers in a hastily arranged match. Pictured here is a tiger with ex SAFC coach Glynn Snodin.

Saturday Night Fever……

Any reported incidences of ‘chills multiplying and it being electrifying’ on Wearside tonight can almost certainly be attributed to the fact that it’s fucking baltic, as opposed to any football related excitement?

Perfect opportunity to sport a better coat tonight Lee, this could be our last game til August, (soft knit cool wash merino 30° weather) – great opportunity tonight to lay a marker down to the rest of the league.

Big TV Saturday’s……..

We are live on SKY tonight, since we decided not to grace the Premier League we are rarely on TV. Obvious positives are….

  • Not having to pay £10 to watch the match
  • Not having to listen to Frankie Francis ask Danny Collins, “did you ever play against him Danny?”, eleven times, (plus subs)
  • My TV is bigger than my laptop screen

The only obvious negative is…..

  • A national TV audience gets to see how bad we are.

Cats vs Tigers……

Hull City’s tenure as a Premier League Club ended a year before ours, they’ve not been quite as bad as us since then, whilst we managed to get out of the Championship at the first attempt, (a league widely considered to be tough for newly relegated teams to get out of), they took a few seasons. We seem to play them quite a lot, the two main factors that I look to in the fixture list are distance and what’s it like for a day on the lash? Hull is only about 60 miles from my gaff and Hull Old Town is as good as anywhere for getting completely Ant McPartlined, so I quite like playing them.

To Hull and Not Yet Back……

Hull was the UK City of Culture before handing over the baton to Coventry. I appreciate that staycation may be the new vacation, …… but fucking hell man

As aforementioned supporting Hull has been as torrid as following us of late, their owners have become disconnected with the fanbase, they seem to be forever sacking managers, (sound familiar?). Unlike the clowns who own our club, their owners are minted, although not spending cash because you don’t have it and not spending the cash you have, ultimately leads to the same end point. It’s a real shame that it seems this season won’t finish, as we finally seem to have cause for optimism with the impending takeover. We really are due a break from this shite….. When the season finished in May 2014 we were the 14th best team in the land, we’ve since gone year on year to, 16th, 17th, 20th, 44th, 49th, 51st….. we currently sit 55th…. an upward curve this is not!

SAFCBlog Current Affairs Corner…..

All sorts happening, arguing with Europe about fish, a pandemic, Americans being bonkers…… there were also reports this week that a prospective buyer of SAFC is thoroughly pissed off……….

Regular readers will know that I’m loathe to be critical of our owners, so rather than write about it, I thought I’d do a Deidrie’s Photo Casebook style commentary……

Not uncommon in the purchasing of a business
Listen to me love….. disclosure, closure, enclosure, erasure, exposure….. Yadda Yadda….it’s too difficult for you to understand love, me and Stewart are calling the shots round here, now there’s a good girl eh”
I’d bet a lb of gold against a lb of seaweed that the NDA was breached?
Hey guys, these lager fizz pints are to bloody die for. You really sooooooo must try the Wild boar wrapped in pastry tublets with lashings of vine tomato confit from the chap in the van in the car park, they are ruddy, bloody marvellous”

And The Beautiful Game Continues……

Game of opinions as always, but I’m stunned that footie is still being played? Each weekend sees more games called off, surely it’s only a matter of time?

Big result in the Queens Derby in the Scotch Cup last night….. it got me thinking, do Queen’s Park still play at Hampden Park?
Love stuff like this…….

So Queen’s Park still play at Hampden Park, (and rightly so), like many others I miss going to the match, but it’s mental stuff like this that really makes football such a beautiful game? Stuff like Newcastle never winning a trophy on colour TV, Peter Reid playing Sunday Morning Footie, Tommy Docs official reason for his dismissal from United being that he was ‘slipping a length’ to the physios wife…… my all time favourite is this beauty from a club sadly no longer with us, Bury FC……

This is just class in so many ways 🍺👍⚽️

What about the fucking match you irrelevant knobber?

This is turning into a wordy shite blog like that Blackpool one?

Back on track…..

Pre Teamsheet Teamsheet Thoughts…..

I’ve not seen any injury news, I don’t know if we have suspensions, normally I’d speculate about players being dropped for playing poorly last week….. but we can’t drop everyone? I’ve got no idea. I’m sure that the 11 selected will give it a good go, I’m more preoccupied to see whether LJ wears something other than that Club Issue Nike Coat.

Actual Teamsheet Teamsheet Thoughts…….

No surprises – no complaints

SAFCBlog is normally optimistic, I’m not tonight, I’m not sure whether it’s the malaise of lockdown, the weather…. I don’t know what it is…. obviously I really hope I’m wrong, but….

SAFCBlog Predicts SAFC 1, (Leadbitter) vs Hull City 3, (Alcide, Whitehurst, Windass)


7.33pm….. 12 minutes to kick off. Positive signs, Wool Overcoat✅ Padded undergarment ✅

7.37pm….. Paul Cook has just said, “it’ll be a terrific game…….” thought the pubs were shut?
7.45pm …….

For Fucks Sake …….
Done with class always, RIP 🔴⚫️⚪️⚽️💜

12 minutes…….Burge makes an absolute arse of a Joe Wicks freekick and 1 of their players taps in 0-1

20 minutes……. we go in their box for the first time, good work by Jack Diamond and McGeady heads home 1-1

25 minutes……. Tom Eaves really should score for them, but hits the bar. He looks a real handful, there was talk of us signing him before he went to Hull…..but the deal fell through on the basis of Gillingham wanting a transfer fee and the player wanting a wage

Our last home game was 26 days ago, how is the pitch so poor?

Half time…… 1-1

The referees in the league are shocking, I accept that to an extent, they are much maligned at the highest level, the food chain rightly dictates …. 3rd Tier football = 3rd rate refs, even taking this into account, this fella is having an absolute shocker tonight!

Happy enough to be level at half time, we have been worse than them….

2nd Half…….

51 minutes……. thanks to SKY, but did anyone know that Dion Sanderson was the nephew of Tessa Sanderson? You don’t get this level of info on the club streaming service

55 minutes……. there’s a lack of quality, but our pressing and intensity is much better since the break

72 minutes……. we’ve been the better team this half, we lack quality, we are at our most effective when we press and hassle the opposition – this is when we miss having a crowd behind us? Real lack of quality tonight, but decent intensity 2nd half, fans respond to this…..

75 minutes……..a load of subs

”Maguire Embleton Graham” – sounds like some dodgepot Tory MP who’s been found with an orange up his arse?

89 minutes….. I’m generally pretty positive, we’ve put in a decent shift tonight, but…… is there anyone in our team that excites you?
Full time……. 1-1, this is a poor league, as alluded to earlier I’m generally positive….. a positive spin is that we are very, very ordinary!

Saturday night …….desperate times……

Used to love Saturdays……. FTM

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