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“999….. which service do you require?”

“We need goals”
“No one ever won a game with nil, regardless of how good their defence is”

We had sufficient chances to win the game yesterday, we didn’t take them and we didn’t win. I’m not mad for stats, but just as the nineteen draws in 18/19, cost us, (10 wins and 9 defeats and we win the league etc). Similarly not scoring or just scoring 1 goal in a game will limit the amount of 3 pointers? 

Stating the bleeding obvious?

Yep, that’s a fair point, so what do we do? Aside from the Tinpot Trophy game vs Carlise United in midweek, we have 2 weeks til our next proper game. So what do we do to fix our firing of blanks?

Two weeks til our next proper game…..

We are in decent shape, I’m always pretty optimistic, but 4 games in, I’m more optimistic than I’ve been for years.

Fitness ✅ we look fit and that loon with the bald head will only get us fitter and fitter

Defence ✅ brilliant, Wright and Willis immense, Burge will be growing in confidence after 3 consecutive clean sheets

Midfield ✅ decent, we lack pace obviously, but we look to have options. I’d like to see some variation and fancy routines on corners when we return. Scowen is miles better at  corners than Max or Grant – let’s build on his obvious quality from set pieces. The importance of dead ball situations is always huge, if your strikers aren’t scoring, the importance is even greater.

Phil Watch ✅ it’s no secret I’m 100% of the opinion that Phil is the right manager at the right time for us, away from the action he sported a new jumper yesterday, not quite in the Jack Ross Delicate 30 degree, Softwash Extra fine Knit Merino class, but much better yesterday

Haircut still looks like it’s been done by the Council, but signs of improvement in his attire

Upfront ❌ thus far we are struggling to score goals. Given it’s nailed on we won’t add to the squad permanently, what are we going to do? O’Brien is busy, he doesn’t have the look of a man who is going to be prolific, but his work rate is impressive, for me Aiden has plenty to offer, we just need someone up top to bang a load in?

The Options….

Danny Graham…… proven at this level, (and above), he got in good positions yesterday – it just didn’t happen, on another day he scores a couple, it’s a game of very fine margins.

Will Grigg…….. I’ve been critical of him in the past. He looks much fresher this season and looks hungry, he was very threatening when he came on yesterday, after being on for just 8 minutes, the red card meant he had to drop deep. He would benefit hugely from a bit of pace in midfield.

 Charlie Wyke…… seems to be the new scapegoat, I like him and especially his work rate. Unlike Grigg, the way we play with the threat coming primarily from wide areas, potentially suits him more than the other options. I don’t know, but he looks like a confidence player, I guess the only way to build confidence is scoring goals?

Will Grigg, (pictured right), got to come good eventually?
Charlie Wyke, (pictured right), a confidence player?

Benji Kimpioka……. I wasn’t fussed whether he signed a new contract or not, he’s not really offered anything. The fact that he was sought after despite not offering much, suggests that he is fancied within the club? Assuming he’s got his alarm clock fixed, could he be the answer? After all Josh Maja just seemed to appear from nowhere?

Loan Market……. loans play a huge part at our level, especially with no sign of permanent signings. We all know loans can work either way, so it needs to be carefully thought out? Marcus Browne is a product of the West Ham Academy, Warnock has suggested he will be going out on loan again this season after a successful loan spell at Oxford last season. He’s not an out and out striker, but he’s a proper threat and could be just what we need

If available on loan, we should be absolutely all over this opportunity?

Striking Coach……I’ve no idea who coaches the forwards? Whilst Wyke, Grigg & Graham aren’t  returning goals at present, there’s enough quality there for all of them to be doing better at this level?

Overall✅…… we look decent, we have 5 more league games this month, (a lot easier on paper than the 1st four games?). Not going to games is shite, a trip to new boys Swindon, a home night game, an afternoon on the piss in Manchester, a home game vs Pompey with Steve PFC would all have been decent. Gillingham Away being played behind closed doors is perhaps an idea for the future post Covid?

Gillingham Away – a horrible day out

Onwards and upwards…..

Confidence & Optimism are key components of SAFCBlog. It’s a shame it doesn’t look like we will be allowed to attend games for the majority of this season? Hopefully we’ll have a full season next year when we embark on our Championship Campaign? Since we elected not to be in the Premier League, I’m not really arsed about it – I’d obviously love the Mags or West Ham to be relegated, but they won’t – that said the current bottom 5, will end up as the bottom 5 and they are all cracking away days….

It’s changed since I started writing this…. but all 5 are great away days. Roll on 2021/22
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Carlise preview and review in due course, but no proper game for ages….. might even get a few things sorted. Live every single precious moment….

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