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We Had Joy we had Fun, We had Season Tickets in the Sun(derland)…..

Selling SAFC Season Tickets the last 4 years can’t have been easy? However you dress it up… selling sand to the Arabs, plaiting sand, touting childcare in Prai du Luz, selling swimming lessons at Barrymores etc….. it can’t be an easy gig?

 News today from the club is we won’t get a refund for the last 3 games, (that’s fine). Bizarrely you can renew and if there’s no games you get nowt, or you can not renew, keep your points and they’ll keep your seat for you! If you do renew you will get a free online viewing, (tempted to call it included rather than free), to watch our home games online…. just bizarre – I have 3 season tickets registered to my gaff and it costs £10, (if watched legally), to watch a stream of the game!

I never bought into our owners – lots did, but I’m a cynical old twat. 

Sunderland owners Charlie Methven
I went to Eton….. yah, yah…..

Too Bad to be True?

I have no time for our owners, they can’t be trusted, they talk shite etc etc …. BUT….. they aren’t daft? The season ticket proposals are so ridiculous, I would be surprised if the are a precursor to changes at the top….it would provide the perfect platform for anyone incoming to hit the ground running and secure goodwill etc? Time will tell I guess? Time to keep a cool head, our crowds are big, but our ground is bigger?

Stewart Donald
SAFCBlog is appalled at media reports that…..”this man was happy to write off £20.5 million, but won’t give us a few quid back!”
SAFCBlog – Unlikely To Improve Now? FTM

A Pair Of Charlatans?

Hard to argue otherwise, although it feels like a bit of a stain on the 2nd best band in the world? How Low can these clowns take us?

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