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Dogs 1 vs Humans 0, (Grigg 74)

I love dogs, part of the reason for that is the unconditional love and trust they provide. Sadly dogs, like people and businesses are often mistreated. SAFC are on their arse, the last thing we need is a fucking idiot with a big beard sniffing around, just leave us alone eh? 

Move along ….. nothing to see here
Move along…..nowt to see here

When Beard = Weird….

Changing times – I’m 49, in my lifetime beards have been the domain of…. bikers, Real ale drinkers, Bill Odie types, Lazy people, Homeless people. As discussed, we are living in different times, for years one of our team has been referred to as a bearded idiot, I guess the modern term is just idiot?

“This is the Modern world?”…. 2019 = bearded idiot….. 2020= idiot


I’ve not, (as yet), bought a football club. But FFS, just give us a break?

Yadda yadda…… we’ve done the Twitter thing?

SAFCBlog Pisscan Political Party

Article #456 for SAFCBlog…. I’ve got zero political agenda. We play Hull on Saturday, William Wilberforce is from Hull, he’s been dead for hundreds of years, but he seemed to have the job sorted?

‘All Wilberforce aren’t we????’

Soccer Saturday Shithouse Sacrificial Club….

SAFCBlog is often cited as being too PC, avoiding controversy etc.

Its been announced that Thompson, LeTiss and Champagne Charlie are to depart Soccer Saturday. SAFCBlog is of the belief that the right person for the job is the right person?

  • I’ve got black friends 
  • I’ve got female friends
  • Not got any gay friends, for no other reason than I haven’t 

All pundits matter…. but if there isn’t a rainbow, dark skin, female representation on the new panel I’ll eat every hat I’ve ever owned

225 hats… a decent starter?


Fizzy pop fuckwit isn’t the answer. So, no drama. lockdown was a challenge, it hit home that TV is mostly shite? But…. if we are talking drama, there were 86 episodes of The Sopranos, here’s the best scene ever and 3 minutes of the best programme ever – FTM

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