SAFCBLog Win Down Swindon Saturday Session

Kick off shortly, I fancy us to win 2-0 today and hopefully with the strikers getting on the scoresheet. Not going to the match is shite, it does mean I get to watch more footie on TV, as a rule this is average and without crowds is pretty shite. That said the SPL game today was a decent watch?

SAFCBlog favourite- Liz Windsor HRH 🇬🇧

How we line up……

No huge surprises.

I’d love Charlie to score today, we need one of the 3 strikers to start scoring. Gooch probably a little bit lucky to start? I assume that Kimpioka has slept in again? We tend to be at our best after a break – that lunatic with the bald head obviously absolutely beasts them in training? If we adopt the high press today we should win comfortably?   Power will stand about attempting worldie cross field passes, Grant will be busy, but like Max fairly deep. For me, Scowen needs to press forward to free up The King, we cant afford to have all 3 of Max, Grant and Josh sitting too deep – anyway, Phil will have a plan and what the fuck do I know?

Phil Watch…….

At the start of the season Phil had the look of a Geography Teacher on furlough , not only was he dressed like a sack of shit, his hair was a mess. He’s had a haircut, (although I’d say it was done by a family member as opposed to a professional shop bought haircut), since our last game. In the last 2 away games he’s worn a smart long Boss sleeved polo, (2 separate garments). After 2 weeks off this is a defining Saturday for Phil…..

Free reign / blank canvas today – fingers crossed he’s dressed, ‘more touchline and less Parents Evening…..’
The Adidas club coat has gone, he’s making a effort. Black doesn’t go with blue though, tje brown suede chelsea boots he got last Christmas would go with blue strides? Conversely just change blue trousers for black? It remains unseasonably warm, but I’m hoping he’s given some thought to his winter coat options?

3pm ….. GAME ON!

2 mins – corner. Not just because it was a shite delivery from CM – but surely Scowen has to take the corners?

4 mins – another shit corner from CM. I’m not 100% sure if Phil will read this at half time – but can Josh Scowen be put on corner duty please?

16 mins – Grant almost scores a worldie

17 mins – corner #3, we really need to get Scowen on corners?

18 mins – Willis off, Diamond on. We aren’t having a lot of luck with defensive injuries, thank fuck we signed that bloke from Wolves on loan yesterday!?

22 mins – corner #4, once again shite. Similar to Charlton we are well on top, given we lack pace and don’t create loads from open play, set pieces are hugely important! Can Josh take the odd one please Chris?

Get in Charlie Lad – FUCKING GET IN THERE!!

40 minutes – shit corner#5

42 minutes – it won’t make any highlights package, but Charlie chases the keeper down and forces an error. Wyke is a confidence player, nothing against Grigg….. but when was the last time you saw Grigg chase the keeper down like that?


winning✅ completely in control✅ they have not threatened at all✅

I’m really beginning to like the cut of this team, 100% positive 1st half, I guess the only thing would be we’re not out of sight a la Charlton?

2nd HALF……

The only concern is surely Swindon can’t be as bad this half? Surely they’ll get a chance or two?  You’d have thought so, but this is division 3? We really should win this game, at least we can now be confident that if we don’t, it won’t be because we’ve sat back, (under Ross, this is 1-1 all day long?)

48 mins – whilst soft, they should have a penalty 100%. 

55 mins – one of the best passes I’ve ever seen from Max, sets the King away…. definite penalty

“Thank you and goodnight- game over ⚽️⚽️“

60 minutes….. very controlled performance, let’s just keep a clean sheet now and further boost confidence.

75 minutes….. ‘witness the fitness’, just over a year ago, we were not fit, we were consistently blowing out of our arses after 70 minutes. We now play with a much higher intensity and we are at it for the full 95 minutes. This is huge at this level.

Fatness 0 vs Fitness 1, (McGeady, own goal, 19)

Thoughts on the performance….

Still 10 minutes left, but if I was a Swindon fan and was allowed in the ground, I’d be in the pub by now. They are shocking, we look decent. 
There’s not really been a weak link today, but a few special mentions…….

Burge….. 90 seconds into the first game, he had a rush of blood and conceded a penalty. Heading towards the last knockings of game 5, he’s yet to concede since that 1st day penalty. Confidence is massive for keepers. He’s not had loads to do, but remember at this level it’s as much about not making mistake? Well done Lee – more clean sheets than the Pip Schofield marital home

Wright……if he’s fit, the defence is organised

Power……. I’ve been critical of late, he had a very good game today

Grant….. fantastic again, looks like a Championship player in L1

Wyke…… delighted for him. 100% a confidence player, let’s get right behind him.

Phil Parkinson….. despite his unkempt appearance, anyone who reads this will know…he was my preferred choice, I’m 100% behind him. We all want Sunderland to prosper. I’m 100% sure PP is the right man at the right time. I’m fairly opinionated on occasions, football is rightly a game of opinions – that’s healthy and I respect that. – last season I nearly packed this in. Not because of people’s opinions, but because of the vitriol aimed at PP. We’ll lose at some stage, but the job Phil is doing at an absolute shitstorm of a club is fantastic. 


Celtic’s 0 vs Rangers 2

Swindon 0 vs Wonderland 2

I’m off to get completely Ant McPartlined⚽️🍺🍺⚽️


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