Scunthorpe 3 Sunderland 0

On the off chance anyone is not following @LadSunder on Twitter, you really need to. He has kindly agreed that I can use his commentary/ highlights on my match reviews; Tuesday was absolutely fucking dire ….. but this will make you smile…

SAFCBlog is built on positivity, I’ll do my best!

We were abysmal tonight, whether or not we wanted to progress in this competition, we are at a low ebb and we need a lift – the best tonic is to win games. We should have had more than enough quality to win tonight? I’ve not ventured online to see any comments on tonight’s game, but I’m guessing that positivity is at a premium?

I quite often conclude match reviews with a list of the positives from the match…….in order to lift the mood, let’s start with the positive aspects of the evening……

Scunthorpe 3 Sunderland 0 decent kebab
Tremendous kebab and just £4
Scunthorpe 3 Sunderland 0 cheap parking
SAFC BLOG flag makes its debut at Scunthorpe
New flag looks decent?

Sadly that’s the end of the positives.

Steady drive down, idiot with a beard has a new phone and as a result he’s getting some half decent photos. Travelling away watching Sunderland has its ups and downs, but it’s easy to forget what a wonderful place England is – and why else would you ever go to Scunthorpe?

Scunthorpe 3 Sunderland 0
Scunthorpe 3 Sunderland 0 Industrial England
Scunthorpe 3 Sunderland 0 passing Ferrybridge

Seem to get there in no time at all. Quick pint and onto the continued magic of the cup. Scunthorpe are struggling in Division 4, SAFCBlog predicts a 4-1 win. In order to progress we need to win the game outright, even a win on penalties would see us go out on goal difference. Strong team though, so smash these lower league jobbers and enjoy a weekend off……..

Shite 1st half sees us go in at 0-0, although it looked like we should definitely have had a penalty, but they are the better side.

We are even worse 2nd half, their striker slips over and they get a penalty……


Rather than take the game to them, we get completely overrun and never really look like scoring…..

A shit corner

A shit freekick

For whatever reason we look leggy, tired, devoid of ideas going forward. Hopefully a return to league action will see an improvement? The lack of a goal threat is a huge worry, SAFCBlog left on 85 minutes at 0-1, it obviously didn’t improve?

Absent owner doesn’t help matters, (it seems people have sussed it’s not great?)

Next 2 league games both at home – they are fucking massive I’d say?

Phil probably needs a beer after watching that shite?

Scunthorpe 3 Sunderland 0
Who said Scunthorpe was a shithole?

Scunthorpe 3 Sunderland 0 need a beer Phil
Scunthorpe 3 Sunderland 0……Had better away days!

Shit result, shit performance; we go again next time.


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