A Slightly Better, (albeit relative), Portsmouth Preview….

Whilst no one ever accused this blog of being relevant, it’s fair to say that last nights match preview was even worse than normal. Never one to rest on my laurels and the fact that I’ve got nowt else to do, I thought I’d have another go. A key aspect of writing a blog is research and proof reading, that’s really not my bag. Thankfully, a Portsmouth supporting pal was on hand today to offer a few thoughts.

The Gaffer

It turns out that this is indeed Kenny Jacketts last crack at getting them promoted. This is the final year of his contract, so it’s pretty clear what’s required of him this campaign? 

Come what May, (unless the EFL decide to just play a percentage of the season again), it’ll be one of two scenarios for Kenny…..



He’s clearly a decent bloke and widely respected in the game. For every Steve Evans, (fat classless scotch prick), there’s a Kenny Jackett – Football is of course a results business, whilst Portsmouth went right to the brink of oblivion, the expectation is, (understandably), Championship football.

Current Form……

I’ve been reliably informed that they’ve flattered to deceive this season; well until Tuesday night when they put in a great team performance to win at Gillingham, (something we haven’t quite mastered for a while). So I’m expecting a tough game, I genuinely believe there’s no team that we should fear in this league. It’s Media lip service to suggest there’s no easy games – there’s plenty of easy games given some of the absolute dross in this league – tomorrow is a tough game 100%

John Marquis…..

He will lead the line for them tomorrow, he scored midweek so confidence will be high. He was much sought after at Doncaster, we were reportedly keen on his signature?

He was never going to sign for us once the word “fee” was mentioned?
“Hello Doncaster, it’s Stewart Donald the owner of Sunderland, I spent a load of other peoples cash on Grigg, would you take an offer of a ‘pair of mustard cords, some shit shoes, a suit, (short arms), a Botox voucher and an Oxford season ticket’, for the boy Marquis?

Marquis has never looked any good against us, I was too pissed to remember how he played in the 1-0 at Doncaster, Rovers didn’t bother having an attack in the 2-0 at the SOL. He played in both Pompey games last year and offered nowt. But…… he did score 14 times last term and whilst £2 million might seem a lot for a L1 striker, it’s probably better than half, (either half), of a Will Grigg? 

REVISED SAFCBlog Prediction…… sticking with a 2-1 win⚽️⚽️

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