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2 more sleeps til the next game we’re not allowed to go to. As always it’s a shame as I’d reckon we’d be pushing 35’000 given current form? 

I’ve written plenty about the decision to continue to play games behind closed doors. I’m missing it, I can’t wait to be back, I’m always full of praise for our support, but…… I actually think at the moment, having no fans allowed might actually be helping us? We look solid, we look organised, we are playing to our strengths. The biggest fault we have is a lack of pace, the management team are doing an excellent job of counteracting this with ensuring we are super fit, playing with intensity and playing further up the pitch than we have for years.  Watching online I saw a performance where we dominated and never looked in any danger, overall a hugely positive showing. Like most people I have a regular group of match companions, all passionate SAFC fans…… but what was a comfortable evening online would have been less so at the stadium? Whilst it comes from a good place, I’d have heard the following, we should be hammering teams like these, we need a second goal, we can’t keep scoring 1 goal a game etc…..can’t imagine we’ll be allowed back anytime soon, but if and when we are, let’s all buy into the project eh? There is absolutely nothing for us to fear in this division?

Another empty house on Saturday


Like us, they are too big for this division, but like us they are exactly where they deserve to be. Whilst we gassed it in the Jack Ross season as we were sitting very pretty with 5 games to go. They gassed it even more, when they beat us in December they really looked as if they’d go on and win the league?

They really should have gone up?

Whilsrwe all know how it ended at Wembley vs Charlton, the away leg of the play offs was just the most fantastic of nights….

We all invest a lot of time money and emotion into following SAFC – aside from humping the Mags on a regular basis, this was the very, very best of nights ⚽️

Kenny Jackett…..

Seems like a decent fella and always conducts himself well? Looking on from afar, you’d have to think this is his last chance to get them promoted? No real challenge for Phil in the fashion stakes, Kenny looks more ticket inspector than Jack Ross…..

“All tickets and railcards for those boarding the 6.57am from Portsmouth please”

This season……

Too early to properly analyse, but they’ve started ok, goals aplenty at either end. They’ve spent the last few seasons being hugely unpredictable- it seems like more of the same this campaign, notably losing at home to Wigan and shafting my accumulator.

SAFCBlog favourite Charlotte Jackson is from Portsmouth

The case for the defence…..

When we won at Oxford in February, I was convinced we’d get automatic promotion. The main reason for this was the pairing of Bailey Wright and Jordan Willis, an injury to Wright changed everything. Bailey just oozes class, he’s too good for this division and is arguably our most important player this season…..

Couldn’t score in a brothel…..

Some players just can’t score, this often just enhances their cult status?

The late Sean Haslegrave played 142 times in midfield in arguably the most attacking York City team in history, but didn’t hit the net…
Saints cult hero and Freddie Mercury lookalike played 388 games and only scored 1 goal……
He’s only played a handful of games for us, but his miss the other night was the worst miss I’ve seen since he previously missed from 2 yards at Tranmere in January!
“Thou shalt not pass – this 2 are immense, they’ve even learnt to applaud the fans in perfect symmetry”

So what happens Saturday?

Portsmouth will be top 6 I’d say, so it’s a game we don’t want to lose. Whilst a draw wouldn’t be the end of the world, I think we will have enough to win the game. 
SAFCBlog predicts a 2-1 win with goals from Wyke and a Gooch.

Really, really missing Matchday now, can’t wait to get the gang back together .

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