Still waiting for a new boss???

Having just about got over the departure of SAFCBlog favourite Jack Ross, I’d fully expected that we’d have made an appointment by now? Sadly, no announcement has been forthcoming…… it’s no secret that SAFCBlog has pinned its colours to the Phil Parkinson Camp? Nothing to do with penning two, (high quality and ready to go), articles about his arrival as our new gaffer! The negative of this is…. I’ve wasted a few valuable hours? The positive…..I guess these articles could become like the White Album, a Will Grigg league goal or a rare Banksy? Time will tell I guess.

I’m genuinely surprised an announcement wasn’t forthcoming today, I’d previously said my biggest fear was an sentimental or emotional appointment? I just hope our owners aren’t going to choose someone to try and recoup goodwill lost of late? Game of opinions as always, and whilst I’ve not asked them…. SAFCBlog wouldn’t trust SD or CM to put my bins out!

It’ll be right………….


Of course not…..


Of course not…….


Of course……


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