Sunderland play a football match…… Northampton Town Review.

It been a while, but we actually have a game today

We haven’t played for ages, next weekends game is already off, surely the season is on borrowed time? As the season is currently still going, we’ve obviously got to play today, it just feels a bit futile? It’s akin to going on holiday with a girl even though you’ve split up and there’s no future in the relationship, but you’ve got the time off work and you’ll lose your money if you don’t go and it’s a bit of sunshine. Ironically it seems holidays are off the radar for the foreseeable, it’s looking like holidaying in this country is the short term future…..

Staycation Saturdays – The River Wear Sunderland and it’s magnificent Bridge.

I’m not really sure why we are still playing given that the nation has been told not to travel? Whilst the media haven’t really covered it, there is a pandemic doing the rounds, surely we either lockdown or we don’t?

….. unless you have a Football Squad and entourage totalling circa 40 people who have a match 200 miles away? It’s not exactly a Lockdown is it? At best it feels like leaving the door on the latch, but realistically it’s there’s a key under the doormat/in the Wellington boot?

At present we have 28 points from 17 games, off the top of my head that’s 1.64706 points per game. Fuck knows what the EFL will decide to do if and when the season grinds to a halt? After today we play 3 of the worse teams in this division, we need to try and get our points per game coefficient as high as possible and as quickly as possible, for when the EFL Wheel of Fortune is wheeled out.

Up next, (maybe), 3 shit teams

Having not played for ages the prospect of watching todays game is more exciting than it should be. It’s well documented that it’s shite not going to games, they can pipe in crowd noise etc, but it’s just shite……. it’s the spontaneity of goading some lower league hacker who’s just tripped over the ball, jeering someone taking the football square in the animal crackers etc…’s a bit like all that nonsense about whether trees falling over in an empty forest make a sound, with no fans in attendance, it’s almost as if this season isn’t really happening?

Pre Teamsheet Teamsheet Thoughts…….

I’ve genuinely got no idea, a lot of the squad have had COVID, whilst they are all now negative, I’m sure it will have an impact on team selection? Whilst I’ve not as yet played professional football, I got COVID in October and I’m still struggling for energy, so whilst it’s hypothetical, if selected to play today by Lee Johnson, I’d have to say I couldn’t play. Whilst the starting 11 is anyone’s guess, here’s a stab at it…..


McLaughlin, Wright, Flanagan, McFadzean

Leadbitter, Power, Dobson, Diamond, Gooch



Ideally I’d like to see 2 out and out strikers, but given to partner Wyke are Grigg and Graham, I’d rather have a more attacking midfield. Whether Chris Maguire plays will tell us plenty, he’s worth a start on merit – if he’s not playing I think we all know why? The other key issue is what Lee wears, he’s got a reputation for looking smart, so far he’s worn a Club Issue Nike Coat….. it’s freezing today, a perfect opportunity to kick start his season. Whilst there’s opportunity for a nice coat, he may even accessorise with gloves and a scarf?

Actual Teamsheet Teamsheet Thoughts…..

Thought Scowen was injured? He may well be – still better than Dobson I guess

3pm …… GAME ON

I’m not of the belief that we should mix political statements and sport. There will always be opportunities to learn, change and progress through education and rightly so, as any prejudice in any form lacks class.
But can we stop doing this now please?
Room for improvement Lee

Onto the action……

  • Max has cut his own hair
  • 46 minutes….. 1st half ends 0-0

We haven’t played or even trained for a while and the pitch is poor. No real surprise that the game lacks any tempo or quality. I can’t imagine there were many neutrals watching, but they won’t be watching any more. It’s not pretty and would be a great game to somehow win? On balance our lack of quality is of a slightly higher quality than their lack of quality. Perfect example of this was after 35 minutes when McGeady put in a gorgeous cross, just need to keep plugging away. I’d have offered this assessment at any stage this season, I can only imagine the outrage online if we’d played like this under our former gaffer? So….. come on lads, let’s Nick this and move on! We need to keep a cool head too, there’s a sending off on the cards 100% – you only have to look at the SPL game earlier to see how that can be a game changer, let’s not be the ones to lose our heads.

2nd Half…….and we’re off……..

67 minutes……. Gooch and Maguire on. Positive substitutions, as mentioned at half-time we just need that one moment of quality.

We all know it’s strange watching on TV when we’re used to being there, I suspect this would be a much more enjoyable game in the flesh, as both teams really committed and it’s finely poised, we’d also be stood behind the goal we are attacking….. whilst SAFCBlog doesn’t condone fans entering the field of play……. there’s some decent gaps at either end of the perimeter hoardings that would be perfect for a pitch encroachment. Much as I’d like to be there, it does look very cold.

Full time…… 0-0

That was a poor game, as aforementioned no great surprise, I’m pretty sure that it’s only a matter of time before the season grinds to a halt at our level, but we’ve got to keep going and we go again, (hopefully), in a couple of weeks time. Either way we need to be patient, there was nothing wrong with the desire today, the game just lacked a bit of quality….. fair result.

let’s bide our time and not buy into misery…….”


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